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All types of blinds depend on the material of manufacture

Oct 30,2020 / Industry News / Author: admin

Plastic blinds are a cheap type with a wide range of uses, usually horizontal roller blinds, which look great in kitchens and offices. Plastic blinds cannot let light pass through, wash, and will not accumulate static electricity. They will not generate heat like aluminum, but they are very fragile and easily deformed. There are various colors, plus organza and tulle, they can imitate wood in appearance.

Fabric roller blinds-usually these roller blinds are made of polyester, vertical, rolling and even horizontal. Polyesters hardly fade in the sun, are easy to clean, and can retain their original appearance for a long time. When light passes through them, they will give the room a very beautiful decorative effect.

Jacquard roller blinds are made of dense, high-quality polyester fabric with a textured pattern that is formed by weaving threads of multiple colors into the fabric. Jacquard roller blinds are characterized by increased strength and hardness, and they have dustproof and antistatic properties. They are completely environmentally friendly and are even used in children’s rooms.

PVC roller blinds-one of the most expensive types of roller blinds, made of high-material PVC and polyester or glass fiber into roller blinds, can be used to make sunscreen roller blinds and pvc blackout roller blinds, because pvc can block light, not only In this way, it can also block some outside noises and let you have your own privacy environment. PVC roller blinds are the best choice for your wallet.