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The curtains are dirty and do not need to be removed. This is cleaner than washing!

Dec 20,2019 / Industry News / Author: admin

What to do if the curtains are dirty? Washing curtains is a big project! Washing your heart once is so exhausting! Today I will teach you these tricks, and the curtains can be cleaned without removing them in the future ~
First, the cleaner method
A large amount of dust is adsorbed on the curtains, which is time-consuming and laborious to remove. The practical vacuum cleaner can easily remove the dust from the curtains without disassembly. Every time you clean, you can clean the curtains, which is convenient and clean.
Second, the steam cleaning method
If you do not have a steam cleaner in your home, you can also use a steam iron instead, which can also have the effect of humidifying and cleaning, and can also make the curtains flat and make the curtains look clean and beautiful.
The material of the curtain is different
The cleaning method used is also different. Throw the curtains into the washing machine, it is very possible to wash the curtains!
The velvet feels delicate and rich in texture. The thick fabric has good shading effect, but it is easy to deform.
If you wash it in a washing machine, it will harden and deform. The best way is to spray neutral laundry detergent on the curtains and then clean it with a vacuum cleaner.
Blinds are known as the most fashionable and stylish windows, and are standard in many kitchens and bathrooms. But blinds can easily accumulate dust. Don't worry, cleaning blinds is actually very simple.
Prepare a clip, cover both sides with a rag, and then bandage it with rubber bands. If you want a better dust removal effect, you can add a little white vinegar to it.
Clamp a piece of blinds with a clip, wherever you go, there is no dust. The sun came in, and the room was all warm.
Cotton and linen curtains are breathable and environmentally friendly, which is the target of choice for many young people. But these curtains are easy to fold.
Many cotton curtains as thin as gauze are not suitable for washing machines at all, and it is easy to twist a curtain into a hole. And hand washing is too tiring. Teach you a trick, get the cotton bed curtain in minutes.
Sponge a little soapy water with a sponge and wipe the curtains. The stains will usually fall off and it will prevent wrinkles.
If you encounter stubborn stains, add a small amount of lavender essential oil to strongly decontaminate and clean the air.