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Can the curtains be thrown into the washing machine?

Oct 22,2021 / / Author: admin

If curtains are very easy to accumulate dust in the air for a long time, many people tend to disassemble them directly and throw them into the washing machine when dealing with stains on the curtains. But in fact, curtains of different materials need to be cleaned in different ways, and each requires special attention. Don't rush into the washing machine to damage the material of the curtains, or even wash the entire curtain. This is not worth the gain.
  1, blinds
Venetian blinds are made of many sheets connected and folded. Because of their ventilation, shading and sound insulation, they are usually used in toilets and kitchens. The blades of blinds are mainly divided into bamboo, wood, fiberglass, aluminum alloy, and plasticizing. There are many kinds of flakes and flax flakes. Toilets and kitchens are generally dusty and oily. If the curtains are not washed for a long time, allergens such as dust and mold can easily hide on them. Especially families with allergic rhinitis and asthma patients should be more careful. Therefore, curtains should be washed at least once every three months. Especially in spring and summer, windows are often opened, and it is best to wash them every two months.
   The daily cleaning of blinds is very simple, just spray it on the surface with water or polishing agent, and then wipe it with a dry cloth. If there are stains on the blinds or drawstrings, you can wipe them with a soft bristle brush. In the case of dirty curtains, you can try washing with a cloth dipped in warm water, or you can wipe it with a little ammonia solution. Another situation is that if your blinds are hung on the balcony or in the living room and room, then the biggest enemy for the blinds is dust. You need to dust it with a feather duster regularly, but make sure to dust it frequently.
  2, velvet curtains
The raw material of velvet curtains is velvet, which is delicate and rich in texture, and the fabric is heavy (800-1000 grams per meter, good shading effect, and good sound absorption effect. But it is also easy to deform, so when cleaning the curtain, soak it in In a neutral detergent (dishwasher, hand sanitizer, various detergents used for washing babies, etc.), lightly press it with your hands, and place the cleaned curtains on a shelf to dry. Do not use a hanger to dry.
  3, electrostatic flocking cloth curtains
  The beautiful electrostatic flocking fabric is a better material for home curtains. Its uneven flocking pattern and the soft fabric feel warm and supple to the touch. However, the flocking area is very easy to fall off, so when cleaning the electrostatic flocking cloth curtains, not only must be clean, but also the flocking pattern must be carefully maintained. Electrostatic flocking fabric curtains (shading fabrics) are not easy to get dirty and do not need to be cleaned frequently. If you want to clean, you must be careful not to soak in water and rub, scrub, or twist to avoid hair loss. For daily cleaning, use a cotton gauze dipped in a little alcohol to wipe gently. If the flocking cloth is too wet, use your hands to remove the water, or Let it dry naturally.
  4, cotton, polyester fabric curtains
   The cleaning methods of cotton and polyester fabric curtains are not much different. The curtains made of polyester are generally more colorful in patterns and patterns. Generally, curtains made of polyester are more economical and more popular, and they are a relatively popular curtain. Cotton and polyester are the most common fabrics on the market. These curtains are made of more durable materials. They are not as particular as the cleaning methods of velvet curtains and electrostatic flocked curtains. They can usually be cleaned with a damp cloth. If you need to clean, you can put them directly in the washing machine. Clean the inside with water and detergent.
   5. Canvas, hemp curtains
   Canvas and hemp curtains are more difficult to dry, so be careful not to put them directly in clean water when cleaning. You can use a sponge dipped in some warm soapy water to wipe. In most cases, it can also be washed directly in the washing machine; in addition to using washing powder, it is best to add a little fabric softener to make the curtains more smooth and smooth after washing. However, fabrics that tend to shrink are best to be dry-cleaned.
   6, roller blind
Roller blinds are generally difficult to disassemble and can only be cleaned by dipping detergent directly on the roller blinds. If there is a lot of dust, you can use a soft brush to remove the dust, and then wipe it with clean water. It is also possible to spray a polish on the roller blind, which will make the roller blind more resistant to dirt. In addition, roller blinds are inspected every year. Special attention should be paid to whether the guide rail installed in the opening for the operation of the rolling curtain board has dust and other stains, and whether there is any foreign matter stuck in it. Because a lot of dirt tends to accumulate in the guide rail and on the roller shutter panel, fallen leaves may also get stuck in it. This situation can be cleaned up with a damp cloth.