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Shaoxing Hengfeng Curtain Factory Co.,Ltd. commenced trading in 1998 from a roller blind factory located in Shaoxing-- the largest textiles distributing center in Asia. At that time, Hengfeng specialized in printed roller blind fabrics for wholesaling to curtain shops and blinds stores. China Zebra Blinds Fabric Manufacturers and Custom Zebra Blinds Fabric Suppliers.
The next 15 years saw Hengfeng grow through its National Franchise network to become one of the leading manufacturers of quality window blinds in China.
Hengfeng manufactures quality fabrics of roller blinds, vertical blinds and ready made roller blinds and vertical blinds and always focus on new and unique designs and patterns. Explore our fantastic ranges today and join thousands of satisfied customers
We have a strong desire that we can double-win with our customers.

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We focus on developing wholesale Zebra Blinds Fabric for top-end markets.
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    The surface texture of vertical blinds fabric plays a significant role in its ability to repel dust
  • How does the color of sunscreen blinds fabric affect its heat absorption and light transmission properties?
    The color of sunscreen blinds fabric significantly affects its heat absorption and light transmissio
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Industry Related Introduction

How do the composition of Zebra Blinds Fabric affect light diffusion or blocking, and how can light changes be controlled?

The fabric used in zebra blinds is important in controlling the amount and variation of light entering the room. Let’s explain how the composition of the fabric affects these factors and how it controls the light entering the room.
The density and thickness of a fabric material have a significant impact on the amount of light that passes through it. Thick and dense fabric blocks more light, protecting your room from direct sunlight.
Zebra blinds are made from alternating stripes of solid and transparent fabric, the composition of which determines how light is filtered. The thin fabric diffuses light, creating a soft glow in the room. Plain weave fabric, on the other hand, blocks more light, ensuring privacy and reducing glare.
Zebra shades are available in a variety of opacity levels, from translucent to blackout. The composition of the fabric affects the amount of light that passes through the fabric. Translucent fabrics diffuse light well, while blackout fabrics block light completely.
Some zebra blinds have fabrics that are specially coated or treated. These enhance the blinds' ability to block light and include UV coatings to reduce harmful rays and reflective coatings to prevent overheating.
Zebra blinds are made from multiple layers of fabric that can be adjusted to control light. By adjusting the position of bold and transparent stripes, you can diffuse or completely block light. This allows you to specifically control how a large amount of light enters a room.
The light changes on the zebra blinds can be operated manually or with a motorized option. Manual controls allow you to manually adjust fabric layers to easily change the amount of light that is diffused or blocked. Electric controls are more convenient and you can use the remote control to change the blinds and set a schedule.
By considering fabric density, filtering properties, opacity, coatings and remedies, and selecting appropriate control mechanisms using a double-layer configuration, the amount of light entering a room can be effectively controlled and adjusted.

How does the color choice of zebra shade fabric affect the ambience of a room, and are there specific color options for different room sizes or lighting conditions to enhance or change the feeling of space?

The color you choose for your zebra shade fabric will set the tone for your room. Different colors can have a huge impact on the overall feel and atmosphere. Learn more about how different colors affect your space. Light colors:

Light shades such as white, cream, and light gray can create a light and airy atmosphere. These colors let natural light through and make the room feel more open and spacious. It also gives the space a sense of simplicity and cleanliness.

Dark colors: On the other hand, darker shades such as black, navy blue, and deep brown can create a more dramatic and cozy atmosphere. These colors add depth and intimacy to the room. Dark shades are perfect for rooms where you want to create a private and relaxing atmosphere, such as bedrooms and entertainment areas.

Bold colors: If you want to inject energy and personality into your room, bold, vibrant colors like red, yellow, and green are perfect. These colors create a focal point and draw attention to your windowsill. Bold colors work well in rooms where you want to make a statement or add some color to a neutral decor.

Consider the following regarding room size and lighting conditions:

Small Rooms: The lighter shades of zebra shade fabric can make small rooms feel more open and spacious. It reflects natural light and creates the illusion of a larger space. Neutral or pastel colors are great options for small rooms.

Larger rooms: Larger rooms offer more flexibility in color choices. Both light and dark shades work well, depending on the atmosphere you want to create. Dark colors can help make large rooms feel cozier and more intimate.

Lighting Requirements: If your room has a lot of natural light, you can choose a shade of zebra fabric that matches your desired ambiance. However, if your room has limited natural light, using lighter shades can help you make the most of the available light and prevent the space from becoming too dim. Ultimately, the color of your zebra shade fabric should reflect your personal taste and the overall style you want to achieve in the room. Consider your existing décor, lighting conditions, and desired atmosphere before making your final decision.