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Choose curtains of different styles in different rooms

Sep 16,2019 / Industry News / Author: admin

I think many owners must encounter many difficulties when choosing curtains. What style and style curtains should be chosen for different rooms? Should they be uniform? Would such curtains be too monotonous to make the decorated rooms appear uniqueness, dull scope, and make the rooms with different characteristics lose their original decoration style? A simple curtain like this destroys your elaborate design.

The main bedroom should take into account its own experience, experience and hobbies. Of course, it should meet the needs of sleep, changing clothes, reading and writing (except those with a study). The overall wall color should be slightly darker, considering the combination of furniture color and personality. Bedspread and curtain should be coordinated as a whole. Oil paintings and other ornaments should be matched above the head of the bed. The best position for dressing table should be on both sides of the head of the bed and the corner of the wall. If you need wood, you should consider lighting in the bedroom cabinet (or multi-purpose cabinet), which will make the overall indoor effect better. Floor should be mainly floor tiles and solid wood floors, and the color should match the color of furniture and paint. In addition to the headlamp, the floor lamp and bedside lamp can also be considered. The color of the lamp should be soft light.

The elderly bedroom elderly due to age and physical reasons, movement may be inconvenient, so bedroom decoration should first consider this feature. Furniture should be concise, and bedside should be as spacious as possible, so that the elderly can move easily. Light must be soft. The floor should be laid with wooden floors to meet the safety of the elderly. In addition, the curtain color is mainly dark tone, indoor warmth, ventilation is a necessary condition.

Children's bedroom in the necessary furniture settings, first of all, should satisfy children's reading, writing, playing computer, changing clothes, and secondly, to meet children's naive, lively personality. Place wooden corner cabinets in the corner or on both sides of windows. Place children's toys, handicrafts, pet models and life photos among them, embellish the space. Wall paint should be based on children's gender, age and hobbies, preferably light tone, but also with the color of furniture matching. The floor should be made of composite wood flooring or floor tiles. The color of floor tiles is very important. It should be considered as a whole. It is simple, bright and easy to clean. The choice of bedspread, curtain and tone should be reasonable, and the design should satisfy the personality of children. Light up a little, especially at the desk.