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Color matching rules for curtain fabrics

Sep 29,2021 / / Author: admin

The color matching of the curtains should be determined according to the structure of the entire room. The color should be suitable for the general situation, and it is best to match the surrounding environment. If the restaurant is on the side of the cubicle, the color selection should be more cautious.
Write some color matching rules for reference:
Orange is considered a very bold color, but also a symbol of vitality, a lively and inspiring color. In terms of use and tone, it is a more fancy color. .
Gray is a mixed color of black and white. The use of gray tones depends on whether it is whiter or darker. Gray has no characteristics of its own and is easily integrated with the surrounding environment.
The purple color of the fabric sofa and curtains is an excessive color. It contains two opposites because it is a mixed color of active red and passive blue. And purple means
The mind is not calm and unbalanced. Therefore, in the color matching of fabric sofas and curtains, purple will become the color of choice for many people.
Aesthetically, blue symbolizes calm and introverted; light blue symbolizes friendship, expansion and relaxed atmosphere. The dark blue is solid and tight. Red symbolizes enthusiasm and publicity. Red can achieve a vibrant effect, which is the main reason why many people choose red when making the room more dynamic. Of course, in the color matching of fabric sofas and curtains, the matching with red is easy to be covered, so the matching of black and white with red will look particularly dazzling. This combination is also the choice of many people now.
In the color matching of fabric sofas and curtains, brown is close to the true colors of wood and the earth, which will give people a sense of security and intimacy, and can give people a comfortable and gentle enjoyment. Therefore, placing a brown sofa in the living room makes it easier for people to experience a real, warm and comfortable home feeling in the entire living room space.
In our modern age where we advocate being close to nature, advocating green, and pursuing environmental protection, green is a relatively quiet color. If you are in the color combination of fabric sofa and curtain, choose green curtain or green sofa. Sometimes, pure green will bring you the most tranquil and refreshing return to nature and enjoy the feeling of pastoral life.