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Four styles of curtains to create a different kind of home

Oct 25,2021 / / Author: admin

The younger generations born in the 1980s begin to own their own houses, whether they are bought or rented, home furnishings will affect your life. As a landscape of the home, curtains occupies the entire wall of the space, so curtains and the style of the room must match each other. The following four styles of home are the favorites of young people recently. What kind of curtains should they choose? Let's take a look.

Young people who love simplicity: modern minimalist style

Simplicity does not mean simplicity. Modern minimalist style is not simply "stacking" and plain "placement". The minimalist style is based on pragmatism, taking into account the taste of life, space practicality and reasonable consumption saving when decorating and layout, so that space can be saved. Achieve the effect of conciseness over complexity.
The people born in the 80s have a fast-paced life, and they all hope to have a comfortable environment after a busy day of work. The modern and simple style is very suitable for the busy young generation. It seems simple but very livable, allowing residents to abandon work troubles and truly enjoy simple life.
  Simple style curtains abandon complicated curtain heads and use simple hanging methods such as loops and suspenders. The curtain patterns are mainly simple collections and lines. The materials used are mostly cotton, linen, woven fabrics and other materials.

Young people who like exotic style: Nordic style

   Nordic style has made a bold breakthrough on the basis of simple style. The color application is relatively simple. Generally, the entire space is composed of 2-3 colors. The Nordic style uses only lines and color blocks to distinguish space and functional areas, making the home more concise, direct and closer to nature.
IKEA's home furnishings have gradually become well-known and brought a strong Nordic style. Nowadays young people like to be exposed to new things. Compared with the traditional Chinese style and the common simple style, the Nordic style can highlight their taste and personality, and use it brightly. The color blocks reflect the yearning and love of young people for life.
Scandinavian style curtains are mainly based on large areas of color blocks, combined with dim textures. When choosing curtains, it is best to choose according to the color of the space. The home color is mainly light colors such as white and beige. The curtains can be of the same color system. Relatively darker colors; if the space is dominated by dark colors, use dark curtains of the same color as the curtains, or light-colored curtains with obvious texture.

Tradition lovers: new Chinese style

   New Chinese style extracts the essential elements and life symbols of traditional Chinese homes, and combines them with the needs of modern people, so that the classic and modern are perfectly combined, so that the home has both the charm of Chinese style and the characteristics of modern people's living.
Some young people born in the 1980s are interested in Chinese style, and like traditional and retro things, but from the perspective of livability, Chinese style is slightly lacking, so the new Chinese style has become their best choice. The elements are simplified, but the furniture and furnishings reveal a strong oriental charm.
New Chinese style curtains are mostly light rice and coffee colors. The materials are mainly silk, silk, satin, cotton and linen blends. The patterns are different from other styles and have a strong oriental flavor, such as peony patterns, Back-shaped textures, etc., and some curtains will use Chinese-specific items as patterns, such as Chinese knots, window grilles, etc.

Little fresh love: pastoral style

  Pastoral style is a popular decoration style, which expresses the pastoral atmosphere through decoration. It is a style close to nature and yearning for nature. Pastoral style is divided into: English pastoral, American pastoral, French pastoral, Chinese pastoral and South Asian pastoral style.
For most people, Xiaoqing is an attitude yearning for natural life. In recent years, many working people like to choose pastoral style, not only because of its more products and high cost performance, but more importantly, pastoral style seems to be People have brought into an uncontested paradise. After running around in the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoying the short-term tranquility and nature is the best way to relax.
  Pastoral style curtains use a variety of floral cotton or solid-color fabrics, coupled with curtain heads with small accessories, to become a natural scenery in the space.

Curtains are an important part of home decoration. As a large area decoration in the home, the color, style and texture need to match the home style. Nowadays, the new forces born in the society have their own unique insights into the taste of home furnishings. They choose modern minimalist, Nordic, new Chinese and pastoral styles. The curtains corresponding to these styles can create a different kind of scenery for the space.