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Four-step selection of fabric curtains

Nov 05,2021 / / Author: admin

Soft outfit customization, fabric quality is the key
Although the purchase of curtain fabrics depends to a large extent on consumers' own preferences and tastes, among the many factors in the selection of window decoration products, the texture of the fabric is particularly critical. Many people think that the shrinkage rate is low and the color is fast. High-quality fabrics with high density and dense weave are the first choice. Although the one-time investment cost is relatively large, the grade and decorative effect of the product cannot be achieved by inferior fabrics. In fact, when we choose curtain fabrics, we must understand the basic texture of some fabrics and the source of goods, and order curtain fabric products according to the actual situation.

Four steps to teach you to choose curtains
   First determine the overall style. The overall style and color use of the room decoration determine the general direction of curtain selection, and then according to the different functional areas of the living room, bedroom, dining room, etc., curtains of different materials and colors are selected. Super-comfortable accessories designers with rich experience can come to the service, provide reference opinions according to the actual situation of the room, carry out on-site fabric matching, let you see the actual effect, and budget according to the size.
   Next, choose the flower type according to the space. Larger flower shapes give people a strong visual impact, rendering a strong style, and are suitable for larger spaces; smaller flower shapes such as romantic broken flowers will make people feel warm and peaceful at home, and will make the space somewhat Expanded, so it is suitable for smaller rooms. The flower type and pattern of the curtains should be smooth and three-dimensional. The flowers are spaced apart, sparsely and densely. The curtains on both sides should be drawn together, and the patterns should match.
   Then choose the right color. The color of the curtains should correspond to the large-scale tones in the room, but it should be different from the color of the wall, reflecting the sense of hierarchy of the facade color. For example, the room furniture is dark brown, and the color of the curtains cannot be too dark. If it is too dark, it will feel dull and not spacious. At night, the curtains should be drawn together, and the color of the curtains should be coordinated with the lighting. Use ordinary light bulbs, the light is yellow, and the color of the curtains should not be too dark; if you use fluorescent lamps, white lights, the color of the curtains can be darker.
   Finally, pay attention to the window track. Window rails are the key to the overall appearance and durability of curtains. The firmness, smoothness, and noise of the window rail are the main criteria for judging the quality of the window rail, and its quality determines the smooth opening and closing of the curtain.