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How are the shading and semi-shading states of zebra blinds fabrics realized through design?

Apr 03,2024 / Industry News / Author: admin

The shading and semi-shading states of zebra blinds fabric are achieved through its unique design and fabric characteristics.

First of all, zebra curtains are made of fabrics and gauze of equal width that are spaced apart from each other. This special structure provides the basis for adjusting light. When the gauze is completely staggered and closed, the fabric and gauze are in close contact, forming an effective light-shielding layer, thereby achieving a fully closed light-shielding state. At this time, the zebra curtain can block most of the light from entering, creating a private and dim environment for users.

Secondly, when the gauze is completely closed in parallel, the zebra curtain reaches a semi-shading state. In this state, a certain gap is formed between the fabric and gauze, allowing part of the light to pass through. Users can adjust the closing degree of the gauze as needed to control the intensity of indoor light to meet different lighting needs.
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In addition, the fabric selection of zebra blinds fabric also plays a key role in its light-blocking performance. According to the different shading effects of the fabric, zebra blinds fabric can be divided into semi-blackout zebra blinds fabric and full blackout zebra blinds fabric. Full blackout zebra blinds fabric are made of full blackout fabric, with a shading degree of about 99%, which is suitable for users with high shading requirements. Semi-blackout zebra curtains use fabrics with better light transmittance to provide soft light indoors.

To sum up, through its unique design, fabric selection and gauze closing method, zebra blinds fabric can adjust the shading state and semi-shading state, providing users with a flexible and practical lighting solution.