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How often are curtains cleaned

Feb 14,2020 / / Author: admin

Many people neglect the cleaning of the curtains. It is a year after hanging, and some families do not even wash it once every two or three years. A survey on curtain cleaning showed that nearly 60% of people only clean it once a year or more, and do not regularly clean it.

The curtain is closest to the window, and the dust from the outside reaches the curtain first. If it is hung for years without cleaning, it will be stained with a lot of dust and dust mites, especially dark curtains. If the room is poorly ventilated or the wall is wet, it can easily breed mold or other bacteria. This is an important cause of poor indoor air quality.
Therefore, experts recommend that you wipe the dust off the curtains with a clean, damp cloth every one or two weeks. Especially for families with children or pets, they should be thoroughly cleaned every six months. Curtains can be washed directly in the washing machine or dry cleaned. After washing, put it in a sunny place and dry it before use, or hang it directly, it is not only convenient to dry, but also a free air humidifier. However, try not to dehydrate or dry the curtains in a washing machine. Because it is easy to cause the curtain to deform.