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How to buy favorite venetian blinds?

Sep 23,2021 / / Author: admin

1.Look at the quality‘’
Blade details are made better with good quality blinds.Touch the venetian blinds blades to feel if they are smooth and each blade have burr.If the texture is better,
its life time will be longer.
2. Measurements
There are two kinds of installation methods for venetian blinds: inside and outside installation.
Inside installation: the length should be the same as window height, width is smaller 1~2 cm than left and right sides of window width.
Outside installation: the length should be longer 10cm than window height , width is smaller 5 cm than left and right sides each of window width.
3. Choose color
White and burlywood blinds are the most color to macth, it fit the integral and bright living room.
The deep tonal room can consider the shutters that same deep tonal color venetian blinds, collocation is coordinated completely.

There is a special tool for cleaning venetian blinds, it also can be used to clean air conditioners and car vents.
Waterproof blinds can be unloaded and cleaned directly. Finally dry it with cloth and install it back.
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