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How to choose curtain fabric? Precautions for purchasing curtains.

Nov 28,2020 / / Author: admin

As a necessity for every house, curtains can block ultraviolet rays and have a good decorative effect, so most people pay special attention when choosing curtains. In this regard, I will write about curtains and help you choose the right one. curtain. 1. The choice of curtain fabric thickness The choice of fabric thickness should take full account of the window orientation. South-facing windows are more suitable for gauze, thin cotton or silk fabrics; north-facing windows are colder, so consider increasing the temperature. 2. The choice of curtain color In the living room, it is best to choose warm-toned curtains to set off a warm and warm atmosphere. In the study, you can choose fresh green curtains to create a natural, quiet and secluded atmosphere. In the bedroom, you can choose a balanced color to bring a soft, comfortable and restful visual experience. In a dark north-facing room, it is suitable to choose a neutral and cool-toned curtain; while in a sunny room with good light, hanging maroon or yellow curtains can adjust the strong light to soft astigmatism and enhance the room The gentle texture. 3. Yarn-dyed fabrics: fabrics woven with dyed yarns. Yarn dyeing is generally divided into two methods: yarn-dyed yarns and dyed yarns. Generally speaking, yarn-dyed fabrics refer to cloth woven by shuttle looms, but knitting machines Yarn-dyed knitted fabrics can also be made. According to the pattern requirements, the yarns are classified and dyed, and then interwoven to form the color pattern. Features: strong color fastness, bright yarn-dyed texture, and strong three-dimensional feeling. Four. Curtain color consider the season The choice of curtain color should also consider the purpose and season of the room. The living room should choose a dark color, which looks solemn and elegant. For the elderly rooms, dark flowers and plain colors are available. In the room of the newlyweds, the curtains should be bright and strong to add a festive atmosphere. In terms of seasons, medium colors are suitable for spring and autumn, such as beige, light dark green, withered, pink, etc.; in summer, white, beige, light gray, sky blue, lake green and other colors are best; brown, dark green, purple and red are suitable for winter , Dark coffee and other colors. 5. Generally speaking, curtains of the same material can be selected for the living room, bedroom and study. If the owners do not want to worry about choosing heavy or light materials for the curtains, the most appropriate choice is to choose double curtains. The inner layer is curtains of light material. Such as nylon silk, tulle and mesh cloth, the outer layer is curtains made of heavy materials, such as corduroy, woolen cloth and golden velvet, so that the curtains can be easily changed according to the season and weather. 6. Dyeing cloth: through professional dyeing equipment: singeing, desizing, bleaching, dyeing, mercerizing, finishing, pre-shrinking and other processes are dyed cloth. Features: simple and elegant, natural, crisp, in line with popular trends.