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How to choose the right curtain shading rate

Dec 16,2022 / Industry News / Author: admin

Many friends are very confused about the question of "how to choose the right curtain shading rate", so let's talk about it today. To choose the appropriate curtain fabric light transmittance, we must first know, what is the curtain fabric shading rate? The parameter to measure the shading ability of the curtain cloth is called the shading rate of the curtain. Is 100% shading rate of curtains necessarily good? The shading rate of curtains is not as high as possible. If the shading rate is too high, the interior space will appear dull. As soon as the curtains are drawn, due to the high shading rate of the curtains, the room instantly turns into night, and nothing can be seen. In fact, only by choosing the appropriate curtain shading rate can the function of the curtain be brought into full play.

What determines the shading rate of curtains

1. The thickness of the curtain fabric
Simply put, the thicker the fabric, the higher the shading rate of the curtain.
When we usually buy curtains, pay attention to the parameter labels of the curtains. The higher the weight, the greater the density of the fabric. To put it bluntly, the thicker it is.

2. Auxiliary material shading
The shading rate of curtains, in addition to relying solely on fabrics, will also add some auxiliary shading things to the curtains.
Most curtains are made of several layers of fabric, one of which is black or white silk that increases the shade of the curtain.

How to choose the shading rate of curtains

The shading rate of curtains varies from 20% to 95%. But in daily life, the shading rate of curtains exceeds 80%, which we call full shading, and the others are semi-shading.

Bedroom - The shading rate of curtains should exceed 80%. If you like to sleep late or are sensitive to light, it is recommended that you choose curtains with a high shading rate. If you have a regular schedule and are used to going to bed early and getting up early, the shading rate of the curtains can be reduced appropriately, so that you can enjoy the morning sunshine when you wake up.

Living room, study room-choose 60%-70% shading rate of curtains. This level of curtain shading rate is sufficient to meet the needs of daily living, and privacy can be fully guaranteed.

Balconies, bay windows-choose 20% shading rate of curtains.

For window screens, the shading rate is generally 20%. This type of window screen can filter sunlight and prevent glare from excessive sunlight.

For low-floor users, the light transmittance of curtains is recommended to be around 40%. This level of light transmittance can not only prevent ultraviolet rays from causing damage to indoor furniture and people, but also protect privacy during the day.

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