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How to hang the curtains better

Oct 15,2021 / / Author: admin

Curtains are a must in every home. Curtains can not only protect the privacy of the family, but also shade, and can also decorate the home. So how to hang curtains is better? It seems to be a very simple question. However, it is not so simple when actually installed. Hanging curtains just looks simple, but different types of hooks have different hanging methods.
Hanging curtain steps
1.Determine the number of hanging loops and hooks required for each side of the curtain, only by first determining the number of hanging loops can you make sufficient preparations. So, how to allocate these hanging loop hooks to the curtains on each side? You can use the following method:
2.Fold it in half, then fold it in half, and then fold it in half until you see the head. The fold of the last fold in half is the place where you want to hang the loop and hook. Count the fold in half and it should be less than or equal to your hand. The number of hooks in the hanging loop is enough.
3.Draw the curtain to the middle when the curtain is closed after the curtain is hung, then the last hanging loop will be stuck. This will ensure that the curtain will not all go to the middle.
4.The hooks on both sides of the rod are installed, then the middle hook must be installed to hook the rod. If the middle position is chosen to be crooked, then the curtain will cause one side to be not fully opened, and the other side to be fully opened. Not enough phenomenon.