If you want curtains to be easy to use and have a good appearance, you need the help of accessories


Some people call "curtain" a system, which seems to mak […]

Some people call "curtain" a system, which seems to make sense. The functions of curtains, such as adjusting light; isolating temperature; sound insulation and dustproof; separating space; protecting privacy; enhancing aesthetics-it is indeed necessary to achieve better realization through the combination of curtains and different accessories. Curtains usually refer to curtain cloth, window screening, blackout cloth, roller blinds, venetian blinds, vertical blinds, etc., and window curtains, sliding rails, Roman rods, lace, plumbing, cloth tape, hooks, automatic curtain motors, straps, etc. , These are the accessories for curtains. Just like the classification of main materials and auxiliary materials in hard installation, it is not that the accessories of curtains are not important. If there is no accessory to help, the curtain will not be able to play its role.
There are some small rollers on the track of the curtain, and the curtain cloth is hung by hooks, and the opening and closing actions are completed. Nowadays, there are more people using the track, because it is more suitable for the atmosphere of simple style. Compared with the commonly used Roman rods before, the track is made of aluminum alloy, which feels smoother when pulling the curtain cloth. Curtain track casting materials and craftsmanship are much better than before, and the probability of stuck or broken is very low. Some people will install curtain boxes outside the track, while others don't. It's almost half and half. How do you choose depends on your liking.