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4 kinds of material soft decoration to create 4 styles of living room

Jan 13,2022 / Industry News / Author: admin

Winter home furnishing is a very hot topic in this season. For example, we can choose some warm-toned fabrics and wallpapers. To make the space warmer, color change is undoubtedly the easiest way; in addition, we can also use indoor lighting. The above makes a fuss, different light sources in different space ranges can get rid of the deserted space, and warm yellow lamps can create a warm atmosphere. However, in addition to color and light, the choice of materials for home improvement products is also very important. Materials with thermal properties can make us feel warm from the touch, thereby adding a warm atmosphere to the room.

The living room space is appropriately selected with wool, flannel and other elements, and then with the appropriate color, it can create a warm atmosphere.

I believe everyone has felt this way: leather sofa with wool cushions or cushions, solid wood dining table covered with flannel tablecloth or table runner, looking around, I feel a lot warmer. In addition to visual and tactile effects, to a certain extent, warmth is felt by the heart. And the living rooms decorated in different styles also differ in the choice of materials, and the right combination can make the winter warm to the extreme.

Luxury style + wool material

It is very suitable to match wool carpets in luxury style rooms, because wool carpets can give people a high-end and extravagant feeling, and at the same time, they can play a coordinating role in the overall luxury home, and will not make the whole room luxurious and difficult to approach. Especially in winter, the wool material can bring out the warmth both from the touch and from the heart.

Natural wind + plain weave wool

The natural style of the room will appear a little monotonous in the cold winter. It is most suitable to choose plain weave wool soft clothing with eye-catching colors. As we all know, the natural wind highlights the natural simplicity, and does not advocate luxurious and complicated. The warp and weft structure of plain woven wool just caters to this atmosphere of the whole room. Coupled with the matching of colors, the warmth of wool, whether it is a tablecloth of plain woven wool or a sofa cushion, it can create a warm feeling in the local space.

Country style + fabric

Compared with the natural wind, the rustic style can highlight the taste of life and emphasize comfort and relaxation. The fabric is a very important element in the country style. The natural color of cotton and linen is the mainstream, and the natural feeling of the fabric can be well coordinated with the country style; or some patterns of flowers, plants, birds, insects and fish are used. Casual and comfortable attitude to life. Country style is easy to create a warm home, because the style itself has a warm element. If you add a bit of winter mood, let's change a few fabrics. Whether it is a small cushion or a small table runner, fabric is always the finishing touch in a country-style room.

European style + velvet material

European style pays attention to elegance and richness, luxury and exquisiteness, and velvet soft clothing is the most commonly used matching element of this style. The fleece material can show the taste and touch with the different colors and streamlines of the whole room. In the overall style of luxury and atmosphere, velvet will appear ordinary, but it is also because in such a luxurious atmosphere, in addition to velvet, other materials will appear inconsistent. If you want to add warmth to a European-style room, it is best to choose velvet material for soft clothing.