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Bedroom roman blind fabric recommendation

Dec 30,2021 / Industry News / Author: admin

Style1: Compatibility with temperament and nobility

  Recommendation: Golden velvet wave fold Roman blinds

Velvet gives a sense of extravagance, the surface effect of luster and rubbing is very strong, making it a gorgeous endorsement, the delicate weave has a strong shading and sound insulation effect, and the endlessly changing color in one go is bright and spacious. Visual sense.

  Style 2: Cute and gentle

  Recommendation: Folded Lace Princess Roman Blinds

   Lace Roman Blinds have good light transmittance, and are suitable for rooms with insufficient light or a lot of light. The lightness and dancing of lace give it the ability to create a warm atmosphere. Can enhance the sense of depth in the room. And the light texture can be nicely folded into beautiful folds, bringing a dazzling design to the windows.

The use of fold design makes the curtains more dynamic, the soft lace curtains slowly rise, the folds are stacked smoothly, and the soft warm colors are evenly dispersed throughout the restaurant. Roman blinds can also create a passion and elegance of life. Tasteful atmosphere.

  Style3: Sharing simplicity and simplicity

  Recommendation: Linen poly striped line Roman blinds

   The lines and irregular texture of the linen material are the main thrust of modernism. The linen fabric with excellent drape is most suitable for people who advocate naturalism. The linen Roman blinds dotted the space divisions of the home with the inextricable sense of quantity and looming haziness, igniting a romantic feeling for the whole room. Poly here means "plastic". It is used in curtain design. It is dry and has a good drape. The double-layer design is not only beautiful, but also extremely decorative. It is very suitable for study and living room. POLY fabrics are also super convenient to wash.

The invisible fold line Roman curtain makes the space more transparent with its shadowy texture, and echoes the hemp carpet in the room, showing an affinity close to nature, with inclusive colors, realizing the perfect combination of warmth and simplicity, and overall bright and lively The environment is refreshing.

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  Style4: both classic and traditional

  Recommendation: Polyester fault pleated louvered Roman blinds

The wrinkle resistance and shape retention of    polyester material give Roman blinds an extremely upright posture, and also give the living room a refreshing and neat environment. Even if it is folded like a louver, it also guarantees the same stiffness. The double collocation of the Roman curtain and this layer has a docile drooping sense, which has achieved the rigid and soft temperament of this space.

   The simple and smooth Roman blind design without any decoration determines the exquisite and elegant atmosphere of the living room. A touch of red on the side of the white Roman curtain allows the gentle autumn sun to pulsate in, revealing a playful and cute look.