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Blinds pk roller blinds, which one is better for bathroom curtains?

Mar 09,2023 / Industry News / Author: admin

The bathroom is a relatively private place in the home, so many friends don't know how to choose the curtains for the bathroom. Is it better to use blinds or roller blinds for bathroom curtains?

1. Shutters

The concave and convex direction of the blade is used to block the outside line of sight, and at the same time of daylighting, it blocks the top-to-bottom line of sight of the outside world. At night, if the convexity of the blade is facing indoors, the shadow will not be reflected outside, which is clean and easy to clean. Don't worry about fading, and it's completely washable. Simple free angle adjustment to control the incident light, adjust the blade angle to control the incident light, and adjust the blade to the most suitable position arbitrarily.

2. Roller shutter

Roller shutters have a beautiful and simple appearance and are suitable for office and family window shading, especially for large-area glass curtain wall roller blinds. When the roller blind fabric is lowered, it can make the indoor light soft, avoid the trouble of direct sunlight, and achieve a good sunshade effect. When the roller blind is raised, its volume is so small that it is not easy to be noticed.

It is better to use shutters in the bathroom, simple and convenient, and easy to clean daily. In addition, magnesium-aluminum alloy shutters have strong waterproof and anti-corrosion functions, and are also easy to take care of, making them most suitable for bathroom use.

What material are the blinds made of?

1. Aluminum louvers

Aluminum venetian blinds are mainly made of aluminum alloy, which has the characteristics of durable and always new, easy to clean, no aging, no fading, sunshade, breathable and fireproof. Generally, aluminum blades with high heat reflectivity are used, which can reflect most of the sunlight heat, which helps to improve the indoor cooling and heating effect and achieve the purpose of energy saving. But frequent opening and closing is relatively easy to break.

2. Cloth shutters

Cloth louvers have the same air permeability as louvers. Some fabrics of cloth louvers have patented technology, which can be waterproof and anti-fouling. At the same time, they also retain the affinity of the fabric itself. There are also many patterns and colors to choose from, but disassembly and cleaning are more troublesome than aluminum louvers. Some.

3. Soft gauze curtain

Soft gauze curtain, also known as zebra curtain, rainbow curtain, soft silk, dimming roller blind, double-layer roller blind, is a kind of textile woven by a small piece of fabric with equal width and gauze at intervals, fixed by one end , and the other end rolls with the shaft to adjust the light.