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Canopy curtain is the first choice for summer shade

Apr 10,2020 / Industry News / Author: admin

Electric canopy curtains are mainly used in electric sunshade shading systems for skylights. According to the operating principle, they can be divided into roller-type canopy curtains, folding canopy curtains, and blade-turning canopy curtains.

Roller-type and folding electric canopy curtains generally use textile shades with different light transmittances. The blade-turning shade system generally uses vertical sheets and venetian blinds, and the proportion of sunlight entering the room is controlled by the blade turning to achieve the shade effect. There are four types of FCS ceiling curtain, FSS ceiling curtain, FTS ceiling curtain, and folding ceiling curtain.
Features of electric ceiling curtains

1. The system can be installed indoors or outdoors, or it can be installed vertically outside the windows.

2. Its linkage driving method can meet the electric shading of irregular roofs such as triangle and circle.

3. The blade angle can be adjusted arbitrarily to control indoor light.

4. Control mode: wireless remote control, manual control and intelligent control; outdoor use of intelligent control systems such as sensors for sunlight, rain and wind to make the shading system more intelligent, convenient and safe.

Electric double-track ceiling curtain

The electric double-track folding canopy curtain is a shading system that can be fixed on the top of the indoor lighting roof or the glass lighting window frame on the inclined side, that is, the dual-track translation system.

It can be straight or curved. According to the architectural characteristics of the building, we use a linear double-track ceiling curtain. Not only practical shading but also maintain the style of architectural design. Each pair of ceiling curtains is composed of two left and right guide rails, which drives the crawler when the motor is started, and the fabric is pulled by the elastic guide shaft in the middle to achieve the purpose of shading. The electric double-track folding canopy curtain can be used in commercial buildings, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, and other large daylighting roofs. It can also be used in high-end residential sun rooms, flower sheds, glass balconies, etc. to adjust the shading, maintain the indoor suitable temperature, avoid strong light radiation, and improve daylighting. effect.