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Characteristics of various fabrics such as cotton fabrics

Nov 14,2020 / Industry News / Author: admin

Cotton fabric: Cotton fabric is moisture-absorbing, breathable and skin-friendly. It is suitable for places where the skin often touches. However, if it is made into curtains, it is easy to wrinkle and deform. In addition, it is like linen and transmits light. The thinner cotton curtains are not made to show the grade. Hanging out is a simple dormitory. But after blending with polyester fiber, the cotton curtains will be crisp and stylish. Because cotton fiber can keep warm, cotton curtains are used to keep cool in summer and warmer in winter. Cotton and polyester fiber blended fabric is slightly more expensive than 100% polyester fiber, but not much difference, 400 yuan can completely get curtain fabric. Real silk fabric: Real silk satin is very delicate, especially can't stand ultraviolet rays, so with this noble material, remember to match it with shading lining! Because cleaning and maintenance are very laborious, it is not recommended to use silk curtains on a large scale. Suede: Some friends especially like velvet, corduroy, cut pile fabrics, with a warm and retro temperament, which is also a trend in fashion and home fabrics in recent years. Most of the velvet fabric curtains on the market are blended with polyester fiber, and there are also full suede, such as IKEA's Sonnella velvet curtain. In contrast, suede is easy to get dusty and will shrink a little after washing, so it is more troublesome to take care of. Blackout curtains: If the curtain fabric itself does not shading well, people who are sensitive to light will not feel comfortable sleeping. With the shaded curtains, even if you pull them up at night, you can see nearby figures from outside, which is a bit embarrassing. At this time, it can be lined with a special blackout curtain. There are two main types of blackout blinds on the market, silver-coated blackout blinds and black silk blackout blinds.