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Charm Curtains Depicting Delicate and Elegant Home Furnishings

Jan 27,2022 / Industry News / Author: admin

Charm Curtains Depicting Delicate and Elegant Home Furnishings

CASE 1: Light Brown Cotton Lace Small Curtain

The soft light brown is like the color of the beach in summer, which makes people seem to hear the sound of the waves and feel the enthusiasm of summer. Hanging from a window with a view, it feels as if you can see the sea in the distance. The solid color cotton is fresh and breathable, and the sunlight that comes through it also looks very soft. Lace lace always has a beautiful and romantic feeling. The plaid on the curtains and the huts are connected into a beautiful pastoral picture, which fully matches the pastoral atmosphere.

CASE 2: Pink Plaid Small Curtains

Soft pink and delicate small plaid, this curtain is like a girl's favorite dress, blowing gently in the wind. As a decoration on furniture or curtains in a girl's room, it looks beautiful. A closer look at the pink plaid is also decorated with white like a dandelion.

CASE 3: White Floral + Lace Tulle Small Curtain

With white as the base color and decorated with some pink flowers, the classic Korean pastoral style is enchantingly presented in front of our eyes. But it's even more dreamy and beautiful with delicate lace and light tulle. Pure white curtains have a fresh feeling, even in the hot summer, they can make people feel comfortable. The tulle and lace are more light and breathable, and they look elegant and beautiful in the living room or hallway windows.

CASE 4: Brown linen curtains

The simple brown linen has good shading properties and can be hung on the upper edge of the floor-to-ceiling glass window to block strong sunlight. The simple and atmospheric shape is very suitable for the selection of windows along the street or living room windows. On the lower part of the curtain, the small pieces divided by several small incisions can fly up and down with the wind without feeling too heavy. The material of solid color linen is natural, and it is also a very good choice for pastoral style.

CASE 5: Small Curtains with Tricolor Lace

For small windows that are opened in the corridor as decoration and increase lighting, the effect of such small curtains is even stronger. For example, these three small windows are decorated with three small curtains of the same style but different colors. These three small curtains use the most natural apple color to match the pastoral theme, and at the same time, they are plaid and small strawberry patterns, and then tied with simple small cloth belts, fresh and beautiful.

CASE 6: Light yellow lace small curtain

Sunny and warm pale yellow lace curtains with white lace edges, just like the design of the skirt. This simple and elegant curtain can show a quiet and warm charm on the small window of the kitchen or bathroom. The sun shines warmly into the house through the hollow pattern in the shape of small daisies. The place where the curtain rod is worn on the curtain is closed with a ribbon, and the shape of a small bow is also made, which adds a soft and warm feeling.