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Choose the right roller blinds

Sep 15,2020 / Industry News / Author: admin

Sun protection is something everyone needs to pay attention to, especially in summer. Different systems can not only prevent direct sunlight, but also provide high-quality and very effective protection measures to prevent excessive heat generation in the living space. Especially in bedrooms and children’s rooms, maintaining the best possible darkness is also important for relaxing and undisturbed sleep.
Roller blinds belong to the internal sun protection system. Due to the improvement of materials, they have a very special folded appearance. These wrinkles that appear during the so-called surface treatment are very stable in size and very long lasting.
In the process, the roller blind fabric has a variety of additional properties, so it can be used almost unlimitedly: the blackout roller blind is especially used in humid rooms or some harsh environments. The back of the blackout roller blind has a foam coating to provide excellent thermal insulation; dark fabrics can be used in bedrooms and children’s rooms.
Honeycomb roller blinds are a relatively new type of blinds. Here, two pleated fabrics are connected together in a honeycomb shape. You can control the heat loss from the windows well, because the inflated honeycomb has the function of heat insulation. The thermal insulation effect can be optimized by accurately installing it in the window covering. They offer very special options in terms of energy efficiency (summer and winter) and appearance, because the entire technology runs inside the honeycomb, so it can be produced without visible rope holes.
In addition to the functions of shading, heat insulation and darkening, roller blind fabrics can also be used for decoration: they have a variety of colors, structures, patterns and material densities. In this way, you can design your own personal privacy screen and provide beautiful lighting effects for your living space as needed.
Another advantage: most roller blind fabrics can be easily washed in warm water. Smaller dirt can be carefully removed with a wet sponge. Very convenient and fast

Advantages of using roller blinds:

1. The acquisition cost is relatively low

2. Very good thermal protection

3. Can also be used for special window shapes

4. Different installation options with and without drilling

5. Very suitable for use as a privacy screen and dimming

6. Very decorative sunscreen

7. Easy to care and clean