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Classification of zebra curtains Is the zebra curtain good?

Jul 27,2019 / Industry News / Author: admin

Curtains are very common items in our daily life. Whether in private homes or in companies, curtains are widely used. Especially the zebra curtain. Zebra curtains are popular with everyone for their aesthetics and effective partitioning. However, many inexperienced people often don't understand the zebra curtain. In order to facilitate everyone to choose to buy, this article will introduce you to the classification of zebra curtain and the zebra curtain, so that you can make a reference when you need it.
Classification of zebra curtains
According to the different shading effects of fabrics, it can be divided into semi-light shading zebra curtain, imitation mahogany curtain and full shading zebra curtain. The shading effect is from low to high.
Semi-shading zebra curtain, one of the most common zebra curtain styles, woven with polyester polyester fabric, has a good light transmission effect, can be widely used in offices, cafes, homes and other places.
Imitation maze horse curtain, using imitation linen fabric, the shading effect is better than the semi-shading zebra curtain, which can reach about 75%. The fabric is simple and generous, and it is a good choice for users who like natural style curtains. It has the natural beauty effect of bamboo and parasol curtains, and can be dimmed at will. It is a new choice of home curtains.
Full blackout zebra curtain with full shade fabric for 100% shading.
How about zebra curtain?
Zebra curtains, also known as soft curtains, rainbow curtains, soft silk, dimming roller blinds, are sometimes referred to as double roller blinds. A woven fabric woven from a small piece of a piece of fabric of equal width and gauze, which is fixed by one end and the other end is rolled with the shaft to achieve the purpose of adjusting the light. When the gauze and gauze are coincident, the light is softer, which reduces the direct light to a certain extent. When the curtain and the curtain are coincident, the light is completely blocked, and finally the purpose of blocking the light is achieved. When you need to fully open the curtains, the curtains are completely rolled up. The zebra curtain combines the warmth of the fabric, the simplicity of the roller blind, and the dimming function of the venetian blind. The curtains are easy to operate and have a variety of shades that do not interfere with the field of view. Zebra curtains are ideal for office and home window coverings.
Through the above introduction, we have a general understanding of the classification of zebra curtains and whether it is good or not. From this we can see that the zebra curtain can be divided into semi-light zebra curtain, imitation zebra curtain and full shading zebra curtain according to the different shading effects of the fabric, and their shading effect is from low to high. The reason why they have different shading effects is because of the different fabrics, you can choose according to your actual needs. Different shades can be said to have no clear distinction between good and bad, but each has its own advantages. Their consistency lies in creating partitions and decorative effects for us. It can be said that the zebra curtain is a very good and inexpensive home improvement item.