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Cloth blinds

Jul 08,2020 / Industry News / Author: admin

1. Introduction of Cloth Blinds
   Venetian blinds are divided into two types: fixed and movable. It is formed by connecting and folding many sheets. It not only has the purposes of ventilation, shading, sound insulation, cooling and shading, and decoration of the room. Cloth venetian blinds are movable venetian blinds. While inheriting the advantages of venetian blinds, they also save space for fabric curtains and are increasingly used in modern home decoration.

2. Characteristics of cloth blinds
Cloth blinds have the characteristics of moisture resistance, modern simplicity, simple operation, and do not occupy space. They are used in the bedroom and more closed spaces such as bedrooms. The cloth curtains feel more personal, and the cloth patterns and color choices on the market are very Many, widely used.

   Transmittance is convenient and easy to scrub, the disadvantage is that it is not easy to disassemble, it is troublesome to clean thoroughly, and the service life is short; no cloth curtains are beautiful and environmentally friendly. Can play a good role in covering, keeping warm, sound insulation and decoration.

   Cloth blind fabrics are made of pure cotton, hemp, polyester, and silk, or they can be mixed and woven with concentrated raw materials. The cotton fabric has a soft texture and a good feel; the linen fabric has a good drape and strong texture; the silk fabric is noble and gorgeous, and it is composed of 100% natural silk. Its natural, rugged, elegant, and strong sense of layering became the most fashionable product in 2003; polyester fabric is quite scratchy, bright in color, and does not fade or shrink.

3. Is the cloth blinds good?

   Cloth blinds are anti-noise and have good shading effect, which is most suitable for study. Because cloth blinds are prone to failure during use, resulting in inactivity, it is recommended not to use them in bedrooms and bathrooms with higher privacy to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.