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Curtain fabric market, there are many "flowers" on the fabric

Aug 23,2021 / Industry News / Author: admin

Highlight "special purpose"

   The growing demand for home decoration has made the curtain fabric market enter the peak sales season. Compared with the previous consumers paying attention to the decoration and individualization of curtains, the functional requirements of curtains have begun to become more prominent.

In the relevant market, you can see that nearly a hundred curtain home textile shops are lined up one after another. The walls of each store are hung with different colors and styles of curtain-like fabrics, laces, tassels and other related accessories, in and out to buy There is an endless stream of people.

   "Which room are you going to stay in?"

   "If you want to buy bedroom curtains, which one is better?"

   We walked to a beige, translucent curtain sample fabric and introduced that the bedroom is a place that requires high privacy. You can try this "one-way perspective" curtain.

"The'magic' of this kind of curtain is that it can make it impossible to see the indoor scenery outside, but people can clearly see the outdoor scenery indoors. If people stand in front of the window and look at the scenery, they can also avoid lifting the curtains. trouble."

   One-way perspective curtains are highly reflective to visible light. Generally, the stronger the outdoor illuminance, the clearer people can see through the curtains. It is very suitable for places with higher privacy requirements such as home bedrooms and bathrooms.

   Not only that, but also the curtains with various special properties such as waterproof, flame retardant, easy to clean, heat insulation, heat preservation, UV protection, etc., are also numerous and dizzying.

"This heat-insulating curtain is made of special heat-insulating materials. It can not only reduce the indoor temperature in summer, but also play a role in keeping warm in the cold winter." Kuang Lijuan dragged a rose with thick fabrics The curtain sample cloth said that the country now calls for green consumption and low-carbon life. This kind of curtain can help consumers reduce the use of air conditioners and achieve the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction.

   "There is also a kind of shape memory curtain." Kuang Lijuan said, this kind of curtain has no crease damage in use, and it is very simple to maintain. You can smooth the folds with just a touch without ironing.

   The curtain is made of flat silk and a special metal fabric. It is not only bright and soft, but also has very high plasticity. It is very suitable for beautiful and clean living rooms. She doesn't know exactly what production technology is used, but it is the most practical to help consumers save time and effort. Most of the people who order are young consumers who pay attention to the convenience of life.

  Simple style becomes a trend

In the era of highly developed industrialization, in addition to pursuing the various technological conveniences that functional curtains bring to people, people who have read the "lead" also began to pursue a more natural and simple life. New minimalism has become known as "soft furniture". "The irreplaceable market consumer trend in the field of curtain decoration."

   "Currently, curtains have changed from a traditional single fabric to a modern style of multi-material. Simple shape, fashionable design, less decoration, and meticulous workmanship have become important choices for many consumers."

   The simple curtains that not only have the technological characteristics of industrialized production, but also conform to the green, low-carbon, and environmentally-friendly design concepts have become the "big players" in the home improvement market, and they are especially chased and recognized by consumers.

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