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Curtain fabric

Dec 06,2019 / Industry News / Author: admin

In the interior decoration, curtains play the role of protecting privacy, using light, decorating the wall, and absorbing noise. According to its role, there are many different combinations of curtain choices.
1. Understanding curtains from functions 1. Protect privacy.
For a family, no one likes his every move in the eyes of others. From this point of view, different indoor areas have different standards of attention to privacy. The public activity areas of family members such as the living room have lower requirements for privacy. Most family living rooms have curtains opened, and in most cases they are in a decorative state. For bedrooms, toilets and other areas, people not only need to be invisible, but also not to be able to see the shadows. This causes different problems in choosing curtains in different areas. In the living room, we may choose a transparent fabric, while in the bedroom, we choose a thicker fabric.
2. Use light.
In fact, the principle of protecting privacy is still handled by blocking light. The use of light here refers to the problem of effectively using light under the condition of protecting privacy. For example, in the living room on the first floor, everyone doesn't like people walking around and seeing everything in the room. However, pulling thick curtains for a long time affects natural lighting. So light curtains like screen curtains came into being.
3, decorative wall curtains for many ordinary families, is the largest decorative object on the wall. It seems that for some simple-family families who "floor-floor-floor", in addition to a few picture frames, there may be curtains left on the wall. Therefore, whether the choice of curtains is beautiful or not may often play an important role. Similarly, for hardcover families, the right curtains will make the home more beautiful and personal.
4. Sound absorption and noise reduction We know that the treble of the sound propagates in a straight line, and the reflectivity of the window glass for treble is also very high. Therefore, curtains with proper thickness can improve the reverberation effect of room audio. Similarly, thick curtains are also good for absorbing some noise from the outside and improving the indoor sound environment.
2. Purchasing curtains from requirements 1. Design style We know that there are many types of design styles for curtains. And these styles are inextricably related to the interior design style. Therefore, the choice of curtains and design style are the first requirements. In other words, all the elements of the curtain must first match the interior style. At this point, you need to consult more with your interior designer to adapt the curtain design to the interior design style.
2. The function needs to be based on the functional requirements described in one section. Based on the design style, you need to choose the thickness of the curtains. Generally speaking, there are two methods:
1) Use a thicker cloth.
2) Use a thicker fabric with a layer of tulle inside.
As for which scheme to use, this needs to consider the actual situation, for example, some design styles do not allow the existence of tulle curtains.
3. There are many choices for choosing fabrics for curtains. The following briefly introduces the performance characteristics of the fabrics:
1. Light, thin transparent or translucent fabrics, such as cotton, polyester-cotton blended fabric, glass yarn, fine mesh fabric, lace and bali.
2. Medium thickness opaque fabrics, such as fancy cotton, nylon and blended fabrics, scrims; smooth fabrics, such as polished printed cotton, polished cotton, antique satin, silk and corrugated silk.
Third, choose the design from the design Even if the same fabric, the design is also varied. Choosing a suitable suit has a great influence on the form of design.
1. The main color of the curtain should match the main color of the room. Complementary colors or near-like colors are allowed, but extreme cold and warm contrast is a taboo.
2. Modern design can choose plain curtains; elegant design can choose light-grain curtains; rural style can choose small-grain curtains; and luxurious designs can choose plain or large-flower curtains.
3. Choosing striped curtains should match the trend of interior style.
Overall, the choice of curtains is a key project. As an interior designer, or the owner should pay great attention.