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Curtain layout strategy in different seasons

Aug 23,2021 / Industry News / Author: admin

Choosing curtains is not only based on your own preferences, but also must be coordinated with the room accessories, colors, and furniture styles in your home to complement each other and achieve a beautiful effect. If you can match the seasons and window orientations, you The effect achieved is not only beautiful, but also a perfect combination of art and high taste, making your home life more colorful!
  Partial collocation-curtains and the color of the room
The choice of shades of curtains should be based on the overall color of the room, or use the same (similar) color system to separate the levels with shades to create a harmonious and quiet home atmosphere; or use a combination of different color systems to match fabric products ( Bed covers, sofas, table cloths, etc.), forming a sense of jumping rhythm, through the rhythm of colors to make the room alive; also can use a large area of ​​contrasting colors, especially the rendering and combination of patterns on the curtain, to promote modern life, sweep the interior Depressed atmosphere.
   Living room: You can choose curtain cloth with window screens. It can not only protect the room from sunlight and condensation, but also increase the applicability of the season and enrich the level and decoration of the curtain. If a single layer of thin cloth or thick yarn is used, the beauty of simplicity and softness can be embodied. If you want to create a romantic atmosphere indoors, you can choose transparent or semi-transparent organ curtains; to let the beautiful scenery outside the window through, silk-soft roller blinds are a good choice.
   Bedroom: Emphasizes its shading and privacy, a typical personal space, warm and romantic. As a result, thick and light-shielding fabrics can be selected as the main material, mostly double-layered yarn and curtains. The color system can be selected softer, strong sag and more elegant, which can create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. Thin and light window screens are also an excellent choice to create romance. After the main curtain is opened during the day, the finished curtain can also be configured as a secondary curtain. The secondary curtain is required to be made of ventilated, light-permeable and air-permeable materials. Louvre curtains are ventilated, light-permeable, breathable, free to open and close, and full of charm. Day and night curtains and organ curtains are also very good choices as secondary curtains, and their colorful patterns can increase the sense of tranquility in the bedroom.
  Children's room: Give the child a space with good lighting, focusing on simplicity. The cotton cartoon cloth is soft, lively and full of children's fantasy. Cartoon bead roller blinds and venetian blinds are a good choice.
  Partial collocation-curtains and furniture style
  Furniture is divided into intuitively, including classic furniture in Ming and Qing style, modern furniture with glass and metal objects; in terms of material, there are thick, solid solid wood furniture, and simple and bright panel furniture. Different styles and materials should be matched with curtains of different colors (patterns), textures (raw materials) or categories.
   Classical solid wood furniture is best matched with jacquard fabric and yarn-dyed fabric. Plants, flowers, fish and insect patterns are its constant themes. The two are accompanied by weight, rigidity and softness, calm and condensed without losing elegance, which is very in line with the Chinese temperament.
   Panel furniture is more suitable to use light and bright printed cloth, which fully mobilizes the visual experience of lines, color blocks and geometric figures, and draws vivid, romantic, simple and bright modern life scenes. Modern furniture has a wider range of choices. Silk and metallic fabric curtains are the first choice. The use of venetian blinds, roller blinds, organ curtains and other finished curtains is more fashionable and high-end quality, which is in line with the trend of urban trends. Life pursuit.
  Partial collocation-curtains and seasons
   If the curtain is a landscape, it should have spring and summer; if the mood is like the four seasons, it should have color changes.
   In the spring when everything is resurrected, people will consciously prefer jumping, warm colors and patterns. If you choose a curtain with bright colors and patterns, it will brighten the occupant's heart and the room environment.
   The curtains used in summer are generally more translucent, and the colors tend to be lighter, such as light blue, pure white, light green, etc. In addition to choosing thin fabrics, gauze curtains are also a good choice. If you want to achieve better breathability, or want to see the outdoor green scenery at any time, elegant bamboo curtains and modern blinds are the best choice.
  Autumn, the living room carries a strong sense of autumn, and the bright and warm colors can best highlight the unique sentiment of this season. Choose color curtains that touch the soul, change the cool summer residence, and let the home have irreplaceable charm.
  In winter, the first question to consider when choosing curtains is of course how to keep warm. Warm colors such as red and orange are the preferred colors for winter curtains. Put on warm curtains. When the wind blows in, you will feel that these warm curtains filter out the cold air in the wind and send the most natural and warm wind into the room.

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