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Curtain purchase Raiders

Oct 26,2019 / Industry News / Author: admin

When the house decoration is coming to an end, how to choose curtains may become another problem that plagues the homeowner. How to choose curtains with different textures and color patterns, and choose which form of purchase is the most cost-effective, will make consumers painstaking. In order to reduce the troubles of consumers in this area, the industry has ran in various markets, and some of the business operators have heard some of them, for reference.
First, the choice of color: At present, the curtains on the curtain market can be described as colorful and colorful. When choosing the curtains, the homeowner should choose the matching curtains according to the style of his decoration, in order to play the role of finishing touch. Such as the creamy white wall, with light red curtains can show a magnificent effect; such as light milk yellow wall, with brown curtains, it will be more cozy and comfortable; if the children's room is light green wall, then can be equipped Use green or yellowish curtains to increase its childlikeness. In addition, the choice of curtain color should also pay attention to family characteristics, such as the curtain color of the wedding room should be bright and strong, to increase the excitement and joyful atmosphere; the curtains of the elderly room should be quiet and peaceful, to present a quiet and harmonious atmosphere. The color of the bedroom and the living room should also be different. The former should be light and quiet, and the latter should be thick, giving a sense of solemnity. The choice of curtain color will also be different according to the change of seasons. The summer color should be light, and the winter color should be deep, in order to change people's psychological "hot" and "cold" feelings. In addition, in the same room, it is best to use the same color and pattern of curtains to maintain the overall beauty, but also to prevent the feeling of clutter.
Second, the choice of texture: At present, the curtain curtains on the curtain market are mainly cotton, polyester-cotton, linen, knitted polyester, and various blends. Due to different material quality, the price difference of curtains is also large, and the suitability for various decoration methods is also different. The specific characteristics are as follows:
(1) Polyester-cotton curtains: The fabric is light and elegant, and the flower pattern is beautiful. If you use cool colors such as green and blue, it can increase the sense of elegance and comfort.
(2) Hemp curtain: The flower shape is convex and concave, the stereoscopic effect is strong, the color is rich, the thickness is thin and quite, the drape is felt, and the grade is higher.
(3) Knitted polyester drawn warp yarn: mesh woven flower, bright pattern, strong stereoscopic effect, comfortable and refreshing.
(4) Flower woven fabric and velveteen: The fabric is thick and the color is rich. The flower pattern has a three-dimensional effect and the price is moderate, which is elegant and solemn. In addition, the thickness of the curtains is different in function. Such as thin curtains, the strong sunlight can be turned into a slender and soft dip light, which not only keeps the sun, but also keeps the room bright and smooth; while the heavy flower quilt and velveteen curtains have better effect in preventing noise interference. At present, most families are accustomed to hanging a layer of curtains. Therefore, the choice of curtain texture should not be too thick or too thin. It is necessary to choose curtains suitable for all seasons to increase its practicability. The current practice is a layer of gauze curtains and a layer of curtains so that they can be used according to different needs.
Third, the choice of patterns and patterns: the choice of patterns and patterns should be coordinated with the size of the window of the room, the age of the occupants and the style of the interior furniture. If the window is short, it is not advisable to use a horizontal pattern and a small pattern. Otherwise, the window will appear shorter. Vertical patterns and patterns should be used to increase the feeling of “big”. For large patterns, it is not suitable to make curtains on small windows. The anti-window appears to be small; the pattern of the curtain should be correct to avoid twill, otherwise it will cause the illusion that the window is tilted. In addition, the vertical pattern gives a sense of stability. The newlyweds’ bedroom furniture is novel in style, and should be accompanied by chic and beautiful curtains, which make the room full of youthful atmosphere. While the bedroom furniture of the elderly is mostly Chinese style, the pattern can be simple, such as straight bars or The curtains with folk patterns make the room atmosphere simple and elegant.
Fourth, the price of curtain fabric: the most concentrated place in the urban curtain shop is in the section of Shengli East Road, there are also several brands of specialty stores. Due to the different grades of the stores, the quality and price of the goods sold are also far apart. Only the curtain fabrics range from twenty to thirty yuan to several hundred yuan. The difference per meter is more than one hundred yuan. Set the house to do it, the total price may vary by several thousand dollars. So when choosing curtains, you must run a few more stores, make in-depth comparisons, and try to buy the best possible curtains with as little price as possible. According to industry insiders, relative to some specialty stores, the price of the curtain shop in Shengli East Road is relatively cheaper.
Fifth, China Textile City buys curtain fabrics cheaper: If you want to buy cheaper curtain fabrics, then go to Keqiao Textile City, because the fabrics of many curtain shops in the city are purchased from Keqiao. The premise for the owner to go to Keqiao to buy cloth is that the fabric used should be around 50 or 60 meters, because the Keqiao textile market is not sold in the market, generally one batch, each cloth is about 40 meters to more than 60 meters. Wait. If there is a cloth in the market that is one or twenty meters longer than the curtain cloth you need, you can save it by a few times more than the fare when you go to Keqiao to buy the cloth. The entire third floor of the North 5th District of Keqiao Textile City sells curtain fabrics, and there are thousands of shops in the department store. The fabrics of the forests will make you dizzy. However, according to industry insiders, as long as you have selected the appropriate color and pattern, you can generally be satisfied with the following points. The first is the width of the door. The width of the curtain fabric is 2.8 meters, but it is also 1.5 meters. If you buy 1.5 meters, you may want to splicing when you make curtains, which is unsightly. Therefore, try to choose a fabric with a width of 2.8 meters. The second is the texture, the texture mainly depends on its drape and weight. In general, the heavier the weight, the better the drape. Therefore, in a large number of products, choose a thicker fabric. The third is to select the material, the different materials have different characteristics, such as linen, cotton, polyester, etc. have their own different advantages, so consumers should choose their own products according to their different needs. When choosing fabrics, some products are sold with yarns, while others are sold separately. At present, the most popular yarns on the market are glass yarn, Terry, and hemp yarns. Among them, glass yarn is the cheapest, about 10 yuan per meter, and Terrione is about 10 yuan. The best yarn is also available. The most expensive, about 15 yuan. The yarns sold in the market are not bought in pieces, and consumers can ask the owner to cut them according to their own needs. It is reported that whether it is cloth or yarn in the market, the space for customer counter-offer is between 0.5 yuan and 1.00 yuan. There is not much floating. You can't arbitrarily kill the price as in other places. Anyone who has been to the textile market knows that there are not only curtain fabrics for wholesale, but also accessories for making curtains. In the curtain attachment market on the second floor, the reporter saw from the Roman pole to the slide rail, from the lining to the hook, there are. The reporter carefully inquired, the Roman rod of aluminum alloy is generally about 18 to 22 yuan per meter, and the iron can be bought for only seven or eight yuan, but the good quality alloy rod is also forty to fifty yuan a meter; The price per meter is between 0.6 and 0.8 yuan; the price per hook is between 0.1 and 0.15 yuan. And these things, when the dealer gets the city, his price will skyrocket. For example, a belt of 0.8 yuan a meter may rise to four or five yuan a meter in individual stores.
Sixth, curtain processing special reminder: If you have something in Keqiao, go to the curtain shop in the city, it can be, generally the processing fee per window is 10 to 20 yuan. But before making a decision, you must explain to the store whether such processing fee includes the processing cost of the yarn, because some merchants will use the weakness of you to add the yarn to you, and then you will It became a big head.