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Curtains choose Raiders, this is how to choose the living room curtains

Aug 10,2019 / Industry News / Author: admin

Now every household renovates the house, and the decoration materials are carefully selected, up to the ceiling of the floor, and the switch button is small. This is also a common thing for people. Who does not want the new house to look more warm and beautiful? Today, Xiaobian wants to share with you the topic of how to choose curtains. Some people seem to look at the choice of curtains, do not know what to choose, curtains of a variety of colors, styles have different styles, often can not decide which one to choose. First of all, there are requirements for the selection of curtains in different positions.
Let's start from the living room: the living room area is the largest in the whole house, and the usual activities are carried out in the living room, so it is visually required to be bright and spacious. Therefore, considering this layer, the material of the yarn should be placed first, and it can be shaded to achieve the effect as a curtain. Secondly, it also plays a decorative effect. The fabric of the yarn is generally beautiful and upscale.
The curtains in the bedroom can not be chosen casually, because it not only plays a decorative effect, but also affects people's rest. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate the decoration style of the home and choose according to their own living habits. The color is too light, too light shading effect is not good, affecting sleep. Consider the simple curtains of cotton and linen. Their shading effect is better. If you say that your sleep quality is very good, you can also choose yarn material, because they are really beautiful, make the bedroom look more warm.
In terms of color, red is passionate and may seem very festive at first, but it will be a sense of oppression for a long time, so it is not recommended. Yellow represents warmth and is the first choice for popularization. Purple is mysterious and noble, white is pure and peaceful, and blue is rational and quiet. In short, I want to choose the overall decoration style, and it is my favorite line. Now that the technology has been selected, the room for selecting materials is large. The curtains are generally made of cotton, silk and hemp, but also have fiber materials and bamboo. Cotton curtains feel good, breathable, and absorb fine dust inside the room, but its shortcomings are easy to wrinkle, poor texture, no elasticity, not looking at the spirit.
The material made of hemp material has good curtain sag, is not easy to stick to ash, looks at the grade, and is easy to clean. The curtain of silk material has the strongest decorative appearance, good visual effect, and feels high-end atmosphere, but compared with the former two Its price is higher. The curtain made of bamboo generally uses more teahouses, which makes people feel very elegant. Few people choose it at home. There is also a kind of man-made fiber. The curtain of this material will not shrink, nor fade, and the shading effect is good, so it is favored by people and suitable for use in rooms with strong illumination.
After talking about the material of the cloth, let us talk about the accessories of the curtain. Everyone knows that it is inseparable from the curtain rods. These auxiliary materials such as rails and Roman rods are used for the installation of curtains. The common material of the track is aluminum alloy, which facilitates the opening and closing of the curtain. It is not a small supporting role. However, if the quality of the track is selected, the troubles encountered in the later stage can be large. Can't pull it quickly, it's all about watching it. Roman rods are usually used on floor-to-ceiling curtains. The choice of Roman rods is to remind you that you should pay attention to the color of the floor, the color of the wall, and the curtains, and the three aspects must be matched. Otherwise, the effect can be greatly improved. Discounted.
Xiaobian thinks that there is also an attachment that is also very important, that is, the hook belt, its role is to play the ring, sling. When choosing which kind of hook tape, you must not pay more than a few dollars. You should choose good quality, not only durable, but also the finishing touch. All of the above are standard for curtains. Next, you should choose some decorative effects. Usually, you will wear a belt. If you don’t need it during the day, you can put it on the wall hook and fix the curtain to the wall. On, take it down when needed. Sometimes it is a small work, but it can affect the whole effect.
Curtains choose Raiders, this time know how to choose the living room curtains, do you have anything to add?