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Different Blinds fabric colors and patterns create a different home style

Apr 08,2022 / Industry News / Author: admin

Is it sexy and hot? Or elegant and charming? Different Blinds fabric can interpret different home styles. In home decoration, people often overlook a small detail, that is, curtains! Different fabrics, different colors and different patterns will create different home styles. Choose a suitable curtain to brighten your home.

The light green has a fresh and natural feeling. Such curtains can bring a spring-like feeling to the living room. The small folds above the curtains make the atmosphere of the space liven up immediately. If it is matched with a wrought iron bed, it can show the most ideal effect.

The beige curtains look extremely soft against the background of the lights, and the dark blue appears on the upper and lower sides of the curtains in a timely manner, which outlines a firm outline and brings a sense of hierarchy to the space. The price of this curtain is more suitable for Chinese home style.

The white curtain fabric has faint patterns, so it is no longer monotonous. But it has to be integrated with the pink wall, and the brown color above is indispensable, it plays a coordinating role.

If you like blue, if you have made your bedroom a blue space, don't forget to choose a blue curtain. The light blue wall is quiet and refreshing, and the slightly darker blue curtains will give the space a three-dimensional effect.

The curtains with elegant flower patterns always exude a charming atmosphere, and the circular decoration on the top brings a playful feeling. Such a curtain is very suitable for matching in the bedroom, and it can also echo with curtains and bedding with similar patterns.

The silk fabric and single color make this curtain more noble and noble. Matching the home with the same color will add a romantic atmosphere to the space, which is very suitable for use in the bedroom.

There are small patterns on the plain-colored curtains, and it feels so fresh. Such an ordinary curtain, matched with a yellow and blue striped wall, will have an unexpected effect. You see, the space suddenly becomes lovely and vibrant.

A dark brown and thick curtain, which can block the harsh light, is the most suitable choice for those who like to sleep in late.

The light brown satin curtains are gorgeous and elegant, and the hem that droops to the floor is like a beautiful evening dress. It is the best partner with the wall lamp in the bedroom, and also has another perfect match with the classic rug.

The beige curtains are on the wall with blue flowers on a white background, without the original monotonous feeling, and can bring a comfortable warmth to the space.