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Do you need curtains on the balcony? What are the benefits of loading curtains?

Jun 17,2019 / Industry News / Author: admin

When selecting curtain fabrics, consider the color and pattern, and pay attention to the feel, durability and drape of the fabric. The overall style should be matched with the furniture.

How to choose curtains according to the window orientation: The role of curtains at home is like "the eyes are the windows of the soul", which is the "finishing touch" of home decoration. There is a job in the home improvement that is indispensable, that is, curtains. The decorative nature of the curtains is far greater than the practicality, so when choosing fabric curtains, fashion and beauty should be the preferred standard. Cloth is a flowing landscape in the home. It softens the hard lines of the interior space, giving the room a new feeling and color. A little decoration can change the style of the room.
The east window enjoys the first choice of sunshine: the light from the window of the east side of the venetian blind and the vertical curtain is always incident with the rising of the morning sun, so it can quickly gather a lot of light, and the temperature changes rapidly from night to high. The temperature and heat will also spread rapidly through the metal frame of the window. So you can choose the venetian blinds and vertical blinds with a soft texture, they have the same texture as the yarn, and can adjust the dazzling light through the elegant tone.

Tip: In addition to the need to adapt to the rapidly changing temperature, this oriented curtain needs to be pinned accurately on the thickness - too thick to be dark, too thin to stimulate the eye. The curtains on the east side should be able to prepare soft light for the owner who wakes up in the morning, avoiding the stimulation of the dazzling sunlight and enjoying the first beautiful sunshine of the day.

South window Prevents a lot of UV rays. Choice: Day and night curtains The south window has plenty of light all year round. It is the most important source of natural light in the room, giving the house a light golden tone. However, the warm natural light contains a lot of heat and ultraviolet light, which is superfluous in the hot summer. Therefore, the more popular day and night curtains are a good choice. During the day, unfolding the curtain above, not only can transmit light, turn strong sunlight into soft light, but also enjoy the scenery outside; pull up the curtain below, strong shading and strong privacy let the owner also during the day Enjoy the peace of the dark night and meet the light environment throughout the day.

Tip: When choosing curtains, you should be able to protect yourself from sun protection and UV rays. If you like fabric curtains, be sure to consider the combination of curtains and blinds.