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Don't worry about how to put down the blinds, you can solve it by mastering the skills

Jun 01,2020 / Industry News / Author: admin

Blinds are the style of curtains that we often choose in home decoration, but when using blinds, they sometimes get stuck and can't be put down. It's harder, and I'm afraid of pulling the window down. Today I will introduce to you how to put down the blinds ingeniously.
Introduction of blinds

Blinds are a style of windows that originated in China. The straight bars are called mullion windows, and the horizontal bars are called mullion windows. The original style of the blinds is a mullion window, it can also be said that the original state of the blinds is a mullion window.

Blind classification

There are two types of blinds: fixed and movable. Many sheets are connected and folded into blinds. Applications include ventilation, shading, and sound insulation. When the shade is cool, you can move the picture and decorate the room. Jalousie curtains are made of various materials such as bamboo, wood, glass fiber reinforced plastic, aluminum alloy, and more popular plasticized and flax sheets on the market.

How to buy blinds

1. Look at the quality

The blades of the blinds brand products are an important part of adjusting the blinds. When choosing shutters, first touch the blades of the shutters to see if they are smooth and even, and see if each blade will have burrs. Generally speaking, the high-quality blinds deal with the details of the blades better. They are made of plastic, wood, and bamboo. If the texture is good, the service life will be longer.

2. Measurement

There are two installation methods for blinds: concealed installation and surface installation. When purchasing, you need to measure the size of the blinds according to different assembly methods. The length of the blinds concealed in the window lattice should be the same as the height of the window, but the width should be 1 ~ 2 cm smaller than the left and right sides of the window. If the blind is hanging outside the window, its length should be about 10 cm longer than the height of the window, and its width should be about 5 cm wider than the two sides of the window, to ensure that it has a good shading effect. In general, concealed blinds are suitable for small rooms such as kitchens and toilets, while exposed blinds are more suitable for large rooms such as living rooms, bedrooms, and study rooms.

How to put down the blinds?

In fact, there is a bead in the frame track of the shutter. The friction of the rope and the bead allows the bead to catch the rope, and then the shutter will be fixed at the position you want to fix. If you want to put it down, it's actually very simple. We just need to bring the rope to the right at a 45-degree angle and above, and apply a little force. At this time, you will hear the sound of the beads falling, and then you keep the angle unchanged Open the rope so that the blinds come down. Of course, if you want to stop the louver at a certain position, then you should hold the rope and don't loosen it, and then slowly put the rope vertically and gently, so that's it.

Blinds are a popular style of curtains. In fact, it is not troublesome to use. As long as you master good skills, they will be easily pulled down. You can refer to the above method for simple and convenient use of blinds.