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Electric smart curtains

Jul 14,2020 / Industry News / Author: admin

Advantages of electric smart curtains:

   One of the advantages, simple installation

  As a high-tech product, electric smart curtains are very simple to install and use. During installation, you only need to connect the motor crystal seat of the electric smart curtain and the curtain controller, and then insert the plug into the 220v AC socket.

  The second advantage, easy operation

  Electrical intelligent curtains adopt electronic stroke positioning, non-collision shutdown, which can maximize the life of the driver and the guide rail. It is very simple to debug, just use the controller to operate smoothly. The horizontal pulling force of the electric intelligent curtain can reach 20KG, and the load-bearing capacity can reach 40KG, which can play a role in ensuring the safety of living in the event of an accident.

  The third advantage, powerful function

  Electric smart curtains have the function of carrying weight, but also have the advantages of silent start, which can reduce noise and create a comfortable and quiet living environment. At the same time, it also has a power failure hand-pull function, which can be operated smoothly even if there is an unexpected power failure at home; in addition, its power consumption is very small, the power is 45 watts, which is equivalent to the power consumption of a small light bulb, saving you power .

  The fourth advantage, easy to control

  Electrical smart curtains are easy to operate. Press the open button, close button or pause button of the curtain remote control, the curtain motor can work, and the curtain will automatically open, close or stop. Press the motor switch buttons on the left and right sides of the curtain remote control to control different curtain motors. One remote control can control 9 curtain motors.

  Five advantages, multiple modes

  Electric smart curtains can be set in multiple modes, and the scene mode can be set separately at regular time or delay, or any combination of scenes can be combined with other switches, electrical equipment, security products, etc.