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Five kinds of curtain feng shui to remove evil spirits to resolve fluctuating emotions

Aug 23,2021 / Industry News / Author: admin

Feng shui is very important in home life. However, it is more common to use feng shui in home life. The angle of light in different directions is also different. So how do we resolve the light in different directions? The editor will introduce curtains to remove the shame. Five methods of Feng Shui.

   1. Use the water curtain to block the suffocation of the Southern Fire

The    water wave curtain is a noble and elegant style with a wave shape. Therefore, from the perspective of feng shui, it belongs to water in the five elements, while the southern part of the house belongs to fire. Water wave curtains as curtains can overcome the "fire evil" from the south.

  2. Use wooden venetian blinds to block the evil spirits in the northeast and southwest

   If there are evil spirits from the northeast and southwest that belong to "earth", they can be blocked by wooden blinds of "wood". If wood curtains are too expensive or too heavy, they can be replaced with paper or cloth curtains made of plants, which will have the same effect of restraining evil.

  3. Use aluminum blinds to block the east and southeast woods

  The evil spirit from the east or southeast can be made of metal curtains, because gold can decompose wood, and the evil spirit that belongs to wood in the direction can be restrained by gold.

  4. Use Roman curtains to block the water from the north

The “light evil” originating from the north can be restrained by earth, because the north is “water”, and the Roman curtains, which can be pulled up by a large section, belong to “earth” from the perspective of feng shui. Turk water can Resolve the evil spirit of this position.

   5. Use man-made fiber curtains to block the evil spirits of the west and northwest

   In feng shui, man-made fiber belongs to "fire", and it is the best to use it to block the "gold" evil from west or northwest.

The hazard of "light evil" is that it makes people emotionally unstable, and nervous tension leads to mental problems. When faced with these situations, we can use curtains to resolve such crises. Do not use curtains casually, which may backfire.

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