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How many steps does the curtain cleaning step take? What are the precautions

Aug 24,2019 / Industry News / Author: admin

In fact, in the production process of curtains and other textiles, in order to improve the anti-wrinkle performance of textiles, improve the waterproof performance and pressure resistance of textiles, improve the color fastness, improve the fire resistance, etc., common additives such as artificial resin are often added to the fabric. However, the cleaning of the sofa and the curtains is really troublesome. The whole person is exhausted when it is removed and removed. Next, follow the decoration home network Xiaobian to learn about the relevant content!
First, the cleaning step
1. Disassembly. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the curtain surface before disassembly. Do not pull hard parts in the parts that are stuck during the disassembly process. Separate the fork hooks from the curtains before removing the curtains.
2. Soak the curtains. Soaking with warm water, adding neutral detergent (washing detergent, laundry detergent, silky detergent, etc.) to the water is usually about one hour; if the curtain is not cleaned for a long time, it is necessary to extend the soaking time.
3, curtain washing. Pay attention when washing curtains: only the curtains of ordinary fabrics can be washed in the washing machine. Curtains of different textures have different washing methods. When cleaning, only the "checking seat" can guarantee the service life of the curtains.
4. Dry the curtains. After the curtains are washed, they cannot be dried and exposed to the sun for a long time, which is easy to deform and discolor. It is recommended that you choose a cool and ventilated place to make the curtains dry naturally.
Second, the matters needing attention
1. Never use bleach. Although the curtains may not be cleaned due to the accumulation of dust, after using the bleach, the curtains will easily fade and lose their original appearance.
2. The accessories are cleaned separately. Curtain laces, window sills, enamel curtains, etc., need to be removed separately, can be soaked in clean water, 5 minutes later, mixed with warm water dissolved in baking soda, gently rub twice, let it dry naturally can.
3. Cleaning of special materials. Curtains that are easy to shrink are as dry as possible; canvas or linen curtains are best to be wiped with warm water or soapy water; including flannel, silk fabrics and some high-grade fabrics, it is recommended to wash them by hand or send them to a special cleaning shop. Some people are worried about the difficulty in cleaning the curtains, washing them badly, and being afraid of deformation. Recommended here: Dalian Aijia curtain cleaning shop.
4, velvet curtains. Soak the curtains in the medium alkaline cleaning solution, gently press them by hand, wash them and put them on the inclined shelf to make the water drip automatically. Canvas or linen curtains. This kind of curtain is difficult to dry after washing, so it should not be put directly into the water for cleaning. It is better to use a sponge to moisten some warm water, or a mixture of soap solution and ammonia solution for drying, and then roll it up after drying.