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How to buy blinds?

May 19,2020 / Industry News / Author: admin


1.Look at the quality
Generally speaking, good quality shutters handle the details of the blades better. Touch the blades of the shutters to see if they are smooth and even, and see if each blade will have burrs. If the texture is better, then its service life will be longer.
Check the adjustment lever. First hang the blinds and try to pull them to see if the lifting is smooth, then turn the adjusting lever to see if the turning of the blades is flexible.
2. Measurement
The blinds are assembled in two ways: interior (installed in the wall hole) and exterior (covered the window).
The length of the blinds installed in the window lattice should be the same as the height of the window, and the width should be reduced by 1 ~ 2 cm than the left and right sides of the window. The outer blinds should be about 10 cm longer than the height of the window and about 5 cm wider than the two sides of the window to ensure a good shading effect.
In general, small spaces are suitable for interiors, and large rooms are suitable for exterior blinds.
3. Choose color
Finally, let's talk about color matching. Color matching is also a reflection of face value. White and wood color shutters are the most versatile, which is very suitable for the bright environment of the overall environment-the living room. Dark-tone rooms can be considered the same dark-colored shutters, not surprisingly unobtrusive, fully coordinated.
Cleaning tips

There is a tool for wiping shutters, which can of course also be used to clean air conditioners and car air outlets.

Waterproof blinds can be directly removed for cleaning. Finally, wipe it dry with a cloth and install it back, and let it dry naturally.
In short, the blinds are simple and beautiful, and the decoration effect is good. It is suitable for a variety of home decoration styles. It can easily adjust the room light. I hope you can try to create a wonderful light and shadow effect at home.https://www.hfblinds.com/