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How to buy curtains

Aug 18,2020 / Industry News / Author: admin

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1. Choose a curtain custom manufacturer with complete processes, complete process standards and advanced equipment, so basically you don't have to worry about it.

2. The curtains are the jacket of the window, not the wall. So don't make curtains that cover the walls, it's not necessary.

3. When measuring the length of the track, try to keep it as long as possible. If it is too narrow, it will transmit light, just like clothes that are too short are easy to expose.

4. Unless necessary, use curtain boxes sparingly.

5. The curtain is slightly longer than the window screen.

6. Use lace and tassels as little as possible.

7. Leave a socket next to the curtain track. If you want, you can install a motor at any time to turn it into an electric curtain.

8. Keep some accessories at home, such as lead sinkers and hooks.

9. A little less wrinkles, 1.5 times is roughly enough.

10. Don't be superstitious about imported fabrics. Whether imported or domestically produced, curtains that can last for 10 years are all good curtains.

Where to buy curtains
Both online shopping and physical store purchases are possible. Remember to take a look at their processing procedures and processing equipment, and don't waste your thousands of choices of good materials. You can often buy clothes and change them every day, but you will need to use the curtains for many years. Try to choose better quality ones to save yourself trouble. If it is a street-side curtain shop with a shop in front and a workshop in the back, the price is definitely affordable, so don't worry about processing too much.