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How to buy electric curtains

Apr 22,2020 / Industry News / Author: admin

1. Choose the motor

To choose a good electric curtain, you must first choose the right motor. Electric curtain motors are divided according to the types of curtains, mainly divided into: tubular motors, opening and closing curtain motors, venetian blind motors, Roman curtain motors, honeycomb curtain motors, ceiling curtain motors and so on.

Tubular motor: It can be divided into two types of DC and AC. DC tubular motor can generally be built-in lithium battery, and can also be connected to a solar panel for power supply. It has wireless receiving function and low torque. It is often used for small roller blinds. The commonly used electric curtain motor products on the market are AC tubular motors. AC tubular motors mainly include: 6N, 10N, 15N, 30N, 50N and other models. The general lifting curtain only needs to use a torque motor within 30N.

Opening and closing curtain motor: It is also divided into DC and AC types. It can be used for split and single opening fabric curtains. You can choose different opening and closing curtain motors according to your needs. It has more functions and the most convenient opening and closing curtains. The motor can be applied to straight and curved fabric curtains. The longest guide rail is 12 meters. The ultra-quiet design has the functions of hand-start, power-off and hand pull, slow start and slow stop, and intermediate stop position. Kinds of control modes.

Venetian blind motor: It is divided into two types of DC and AC. Generally, according to the size and torque, it can be applied to large, medium and small blinds such as wooden blinds and aluminum blinds. Low noise, can achieve the function of blade dimming.

At the same time, when buying Roman curtain motor, honeycomb curtain motor, ceiling curtain motor, you should specify the weight, volume, required performance, etc. of the curtain in order to choose the most suitable curtain motor.

When choosing a motor: You need to pay attention to the brand's popularity. To a certain extent, the quality and performance of products of large brands are more reliable.
Second, choose the fabric

Choose a good electric curtain, but also choose a suitable fabric. Sunlight fabrics can clearly see the outdoor, but the outdoor can not see through the indoor; if your outdoor light is too strong, or you use a computer indoors, you need to choose a full shading fabric with better shading performance to achieve the best shading effect.

3. Choose the right accessories

The accessories of electric curtains need to be well coordinated with the motor and mechanism, and the precision requirements are high, so you need to choose good quality accessories. It is best to choose a ribbed winder for the electric Roman blinds and electric blinds. The winding is smooth, and there will be no left high and right low or right high left low. The ordinary pull rope is suspended for a long time, and it is exposed to the sun and rain After that, it is easy to be deformed, embrittled and broken, so it is necessary to choose a dense and firm rope.

Fourth, look at the production process

How the production process of the product directly affects the practicability and aesthetics of the product should not be underestimated. The production process of the product can be observed from many details: the surface treatment process of the rail, the cutting process of the fabric, the flexibility of the mounting base, the elasticity of the blade, the treatment of the blade cut, the firmness of the drawstring, etc.

Five, choose a good brand

There is so much knowledge in buying electric curtains. Many consumers directly use price as the deciding factor because they do not understand it. As a result, the products they buy cannot be used or are not suitable. Consumers must not buy the wrong product for the sake of cheapness. Because of small losses, it is best to choose brand products with guaranteed product quality and after-sales service.