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How to buy fabric curtains? 10 principles recommended for you

Jun 10,2022 / Industry News / Author: admin

Be good at using tracks in irregular rooms

Special-shaped windows are more common in houses, such as arc-shaped ones, and it is inconvenient to install curtains. Fortunately, there is a bendable track design, which can make the curtains follow the shape of the window, so that they can be tightly fitted, and they are very easy to open and close.

2. The orientation of the window determines the thickness of the fabric

When choosing fabrics, be sure to consider the orientation of your windows. South-facing windows, good light, and tulle, thin cotton or silk fabrics are more suitable. North-facing rooms are often cold and gray, and warm-colored and heavy curtains should be selected to increase the temperature. If your home has windows facing east or west, shading is the most important use of curtains. Shading curtains can not only block strong light, but also maintain the brightness of the room, making full use of natural light to illuminate the room. Adjacent to the windows of the bustling street, the street lamps and billboards are also very bright at night. In order to have a peaceful sleep, thicker curtains are needed to block them.

3. Casement curtains are the most versatile

Casement curtains are one of the most common styles. Simple, without any decoration, any size, can be hung or pulled, suitable for most windows. According to the width of the window, the curtains can be designed to be one-sided or two-sided, generally with a reference of 1.5 meters. Flip curtains can be lifted to one side or both sides to form a soft arc, creating a good decorative effect, and can be freely matched with various strap accessories. The style with the curtain head is more complicated to make, but the decoration effect is better. It can block the rougher curtain rail and the space between the top of the curtain and the roof, making the interior more neat and beautiful.

4. Understand the composition of curtains and understand the order

In order to ensure good results, we generally use custom-made curtains. On the order, you will find many details, be sure to understand clearly. Curtains are composed of curtain body, accessories and accessories. The curtain body includes a curtain, a window body, and a window screen. The window curtain is an indispensable part of the decorative window, and is generally made of the same fabric as the window body. There are tiling, pleated, water wave, comprehensive and other styles on the style. The accessories are composed of window tassels, tent rings, ribbons, lace, window placket lining and so on. Accessories include side hooks, straps, window hooks, window straps, counterweights, etc. Choose what you need and be aware of it.

5. The function of decorative curtains

A decorative curtain can be added in front of the wall, and its appearance gives the wall a three-dimensional and layered sense.

The long decorative curtain has good shading performance and can be translated. It is suitable for matching with curtains and curtains, and makes clever use of outdoor light. The track of the decorative curtain is easy to install in various places in the room. Taking advantage of this advantage, the decorative curtain can also become a substitute for room partitions and closet doors, making the space utilization of the room more flexible.

A decorative curtain can be added in front of the wall, and its appearance gives the wall a three-dimensional and layered sense.

6. Choose the right curtain head to save effort

There are many ways to connect curtains and curtain rods: directly punching holes in the fabric, easy to pull back and forth; in the form of outer cloth bags, the front looks beautiful, but due to the large friction between the cloth and the rod, especially the cloth bags When the size is similar to the diameter of the rod, it is more difficult to pull back and forth; the sling form is very simple, suitable for relatively light and thin fabrics; the tie method is also difficult to pull, suitable for windows that are not often moved and only play a decorative role. It is recommended to buy curtain rings, which are easy to open and easy to disassemble and wash.

7. Curtains are also low carbon

In the north, heating is generally installed under the window, unless you choose the length from the hem to the window sill. If it is a floor-to-ceiling curtain, you must choose a fabric with good heat resistance, and at the same time, it will not block the heat of the heating from dissipating into the room. East or west-facing rooms will be stimulated by strong sunlight for several hours a day. Use specially treated fabrics, or neutral-colored fabrics, otherwise the color will fade or change color, preferably with some insulation performance.

8. The color of the curtains

The living room chooses curtains with warm color patterns, which can give people a sense of hospitality. The curtains in the study room are better in neutral and cool colors. The bedroom should choose smooth color, static color curtains, so that the room looks elegant but not deserted. In the dining room, yellow and orange can increase appetite, while white has a sense of cleanliness. When the contrast between the ground and the furniture color is strong, the ground color can be selected as the center; when the contrast between the ground color and the furniture color is weak, the furniture color can be selected as the center; if neither the ground color nor the furniture color can be used as reference objects, also The color of the curtains can be selected according to the color of the light. The warm orange light can be matched with cool colors such as beige and fruit green, and the neutral light of milky white can be matched with warm colors such as beige, light coffee and light red. .

9. Accurately measure the amount of fabric you know

Accurate measurement can not only predict the purchase amount of fabrics, but also make the curtains more beautiful in details. It is recommended to use a metal ruler to measure, whether you choose rail installation or curtain rod, the hem of the curtain should be 15 cm above the window sill. There should be 15-20 cm more than the window itself on both sides of the curtain, so that it looks good. When measuring the width, do not measure the window itself, but the curtain rod or track. If it is a curtain that is open on both sides, remember that you need to reserve an overlap in the middle, about 2.5 cm. The length of the curtain needs to be determined according to the position of the hem. If it is on the window sill, the distance should be 1.25 cm, and the distance under the window sill should be 15 cm. The hem of the floor-to-ceiling style should be 1.5 cm on the ground.

10. Use curtains for privacy

Some buildings will have an L-shaped layout, or the distance between the buildings is relatively small. If you don’t want your every move to be exposed to the sight of neighbors, you must hang curtains all year round. Such curtains must have good light transmittance. And to block the view from the outside. Living in a one-story or villa residence also has such problems, at least two layers of curtains should be installed.

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