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How to choose bedroom curtains? After reading it, I won’t worry about how to pick it up.

Aug 16,2019 / Industry News / Author: admin

The selection of bedroom curtains is actually very important. Under normal circumstances, there are many recommendations for listening to shopping guides, or some people prefer to buy a curtain to hang on the color. In fact, this is not right. Be sure to understand the material of the curtain or It is the quality of the selection of the color, so in the decoration style to choose a curtain suitable for the bedroom, so that is responsible for their own bedroom, can not just pick the 哟.
How to choose the curtains correctly
1, choose curtains according to room function
How to choose a suitable curtain, we should choose the light-shielding or light-transparent light according to the functional properties of different rooms, and also match the structural shape of the room in the style and color, in order to perfect the overall style. .
2. How to choose the living room curtains?
The living room is the place with the highest family interaction rate in the whole home environment, and it mainly undertakes the functions of meeting guests and entertainment. In the living room, usually the family gathers to watch TV, so the light in the living room should not be too strong. The curtains should be made of thick cotton or polyester with light blocking and heat insulation.
3. Lifting curtains with both functional and decorative features
The advantage of the lifting curtain is that it has a flat shape, no wrinkles, convenient and practical, and can be raised and lowered according to the intensity of light.
4. How to choose bedroom curtains?
Bedroom curtains can be selected according to the user's choice. For example, for those who are sensitive to light and have high sleep requirements, the choice of curtains should consider the effect of sound insulation and light blocking. The thicker cotton/wool or suede curtains have better sound and light blocking effect, and are easy to clean. And take care of it.
5, the color and matching of curtains
Curtain selection should not be purchased according to personal preference. The color tone style of the curtain needs to take into account the unity with the home decoration style. Choosing the wrong curtains will affect the value of the entire home decoration, and it will be too late to regret it...
How to choose the "curtain" of the bedroom
1, according to the choice of materials
The material of the curtain not only determines its quality, but also determines the difficulty of cleaning the curtains in the future. In general, the material of the curtain should be chosen to be lighter, so that we can install it more conveniently, and it is very easy to open and pull. The curtains in the bedroom also need a smooth surface. Don't have a whistling pattern. When we sleep at night, we may wake up in the middle of the night. If we are scared by the pattern on the curtain, it will not be worth the loss. The curtains of the bedroom are exquisite and simple, and the solid color is already very good! Also, the material of the curtain should be chosen as much as possible. This material is easy to clean, do not choose pure cotton, easy to shrink!
2, according to the color to choose
The color of the bedroom curtains should be as gentle as possible, and the color should be lighter. Do not choose dark curtains. Because dark curtains tend to give people a sense of dullness and depression, there is a psychological burden on the invisible person sleeping in the master bedroom. Moreover, in the choice of color, it is necessary to properly match according to the style of other furniture in the master bedroom, and it cannot be lost due to smallness!
3, according to the type to choose
Today's curtains are generally divided into single curtains and double curtains. They each have their own advantages. You can choose according to your own preferences. Single curtain is relatively simple and convenient, it is convenient to install and remove, but the shading effect may not be good. The double curtain can cover the outside light very tightly, and sometimes if you only want to reduce the light, you can only pull the curtain. There are many ways to choose from the double curtain, but it is more troublesome to disassemble!
What color is good for bedroom curtains?
First, bedroom curtain color selection suggestions
In fact, the curtains in the bedroom do not need to choose those colors that are too conspicuous. Generally speaking, some of the colors are warmer. After all, the bedroom is a private space, not for outsiders, so it is in line with your own wishes. Just look good. Xiaobian's suggestion is to choose some lighter colors, because in general, everyone will paint the walls in white and look cleaner, so the lighter colors and walls are better, and the overall look is more fresh and natural.
Second, how to choose bedroom curtains
1, first of all when choosing the bedroom curtains should consider the overall decoration style of the bedroom does not match, after all, the matching looks good and comfortable, if the bedroom decoration is warmer, it is suitable to choose the warm color, if it is more serious It is suitable to choose some cool colors, it is always the same as the decoration style, and to make each other have coordination, after all, it is to face every day.
2, then also consider the orientation of the room, after all, the curtains are not only for decoration, but also for shading and privacy protection. If the room is a sunny side, then it is better to choose some shades with better color, generally deep Color can play this role, but if Cao Guang's poor room is still recommended to choose a light color, this will not block all the light outside.
3, the last is to adjust the ones you like on the basis of these choices. After all, it is to decorate yourself. Of course, it must be in line with your own wishes. There are many choices available, and you still have to look at yourself.
Do you know some about the curtains in the bedroom? After reading this article, are you still picking up the curtains for the bedroom? If you really understand, you won’t have any difficulty in selecting the curtains. It must be easy to pick when you choose. I will pick the wrong ones and make your bedroom more sophisticated. It will not look mediocre.