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How to choose curtains for different house spaces

Nov 26,2021 / Industry News / Author: admin

Arrange the scenery by the window, choose different room curtains

living room
      The living room is the most critical place in a family to show the style of home decoration and express the owner’s taste. Since glass windows are one of the main roles in the living room, natural curtains will also be the most eye-catching decoration. The living room curtains with unique characteristics and full of interest reflect the interests and preferences of the owner as a whole, and are a side reflection of the owner's identity, taste and characteristics. Taking the owner's aesthetic consciousness as the starting point, the curtains in the living room express the main needs of the residential culture, reflect the unique aesthetic conception, and enter the life of the owner in all directions, so that the cells of happiness can grow and there are more reasons for joy.
As the first vision after entering the house, whether guests can feel the owner's joy and enthusiasm as soon as they enter the door, the furniture and accessories in the living room play a vital role, and the curtains are light-toned and light-transmissive Strong thin fabric is better, it can create a solemn, concise, generous and bright visual effect. In the winter afternoon, friends gathered in front of the window, each holding a cup of coffee, quietly sharing a little bit of good winter sunlight through the curtains, what a comfortable thing

   Curtains are mainly used in the beautification of residential environment and environmental construction. Different styles and colors of bedroom curtains can render different home atmospheres, and bedroom curtains can be selected according to the shape of the glass window. Floor-to-ceiling windows, home textiles and window screens can make your bedroom more warm. If the shading is not good enough, just add a layer of shading cloth. Selecting simple, elegant and bright window decoration products for half-windows will make your house space full of contemporary flavor. The range of styles and colors is very large, and the performance is relatively comprehensive. It can shading, heat insulation, sound insulation, dustproof and so on. Among them, "day and night curtains", "pleated curtains" or "aluminum blinds" are all bedrooms. Excellent partner.

  The bedroom is a private space, so it is very important to create a warm and romantic feeling for the bedroom. Colors such as cyan, green, purple and other colors can be matched to make the space of the house emerge with the required atmosphere. And choose thick shading fabric as the main material, mostly double-layer yarn and curtains, which will have unexpected effects when matched with the bedding. In addition, you can also choose according to the shape of the glass window.
 The curtains in the study should be light, and gauze curtains are a good choice. There is a light blue curtain with a structure of yarn and cotton. There are blinds that can both light and cover, and the roller blinds can be retracted freely, but the price is more expensive. There is also an interesting pure gauze curtain, the gauze holes are from sparse to dense. The shopping guide said that this is called a day and night curtain. When the curtains are rolled, the densely woven curtains cover the scarce gauze holes and the light of the study. When the curtains continue to be rolled, the scarce gauze holes are exposed, and you can appreciate it. To the view outside the window.
  The "bamboo curtain" and "wood venetian blind" made of natural bamboo and wood are the first choice for the study. Its simple and bright shape can make people feel refreshed and clear-headed. Back home from a busy and stressful city, soak a cup of tea, turn on a table lamp, carefully savor the story in the book before the book, sometimes look up at the world outside the curtain, if you are thinking, sometimes look outside the curtain The blue sky in a daze, what a wonderful "study leisure picture"

Kids room
   all say that children’s world is simple and simple. Since they are extremely satisfying, an adult’s action to satisfy their wishes is enough to make them understand the beauty of life. Therefore, the layout of the children's room should generally follow the simple two characters, and the curtains can use beautiful and concise cartoon graphic roller blinds or monochromatic roller blinds with characteristic colors to increase the childishness of the house space. It is worth noting that children's active nature also determines the color characteristics of the children's room, that is, the color is obvious and the comparison is violent, especially when purchasing curtains, you can choose to buy curtains of various colors.