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How to choose curtains for windows in different directions

Dec 03,2021 / Industry News / Author: admin

How to choose curtains for windows in different directions

  East Window: Enjoy the first ray of sunshine

   Choice: Venetian blinds and vertical blinds

The light from the windows of the east room always comes in with the rising of the morning sun, so it can quickly gather a lot of light. The temperature changes from the coolness of the night to a higher temperature quickly, and the heat energy is quickly diffused through the metal frame of the window. . So you can choose venetian blinds and vertical blinds with a soft texture. They have a yarn-like texture and can reconcile the dazzling light through the elegant tones.

   In addition to adapting to the rapidly changing temperature, curtains in this orientation also need to be accurate in thickness-too thick will show dark, too thin will irritate the eyes. The curtains on the east side should be able to prepare soft light for the owner who wakes up in the morning, avoid being stimulated by the dazzling sunlight, and enjoy the first ray of sunshine in the day.

  South window: Prevent a lot of ultraviolet rays

   choice: day and night curtain

   The windows on the south side have plenty of light all year round. They are the most important source of natural light in the room and can make the room present an elegant golden hue. However, the warm natural light contains a lot of heat and ultraviolet rays. In the hot summer, this kind of sunlight seems a little redundant. Therefore, the currently popular day and night curtain is a good choice. During the day, unfold the upper curtain, which can not only transmit light, transform the strong sunlight into soft light, but also enjoy the scenery outside; pull up the lower curtain, strong light-shielding and strong privacy, so that the owner can also be in the daytime You can enjoy the tranquility of the dark night and satisfy the light environment throughout the day.

  When choosing curtains, they should be able to protect against sun and ultraviolet rays, which can diffuse the light and help protect the indoor furniture. If you like fabric curtains, you must consider the combination of gauze curtains and blackout curtains.

  West Window: Refusing to protect the furniture from the sun

   Choice: Venetian blinds, organ curtains, pleated curtains, wooden curtains, fabric curtains

  Western sunlight increases the temperature of the room, especially in hot summer, the windows should be closed or blocked frequently, so we should try to choose curtains that can diffuse the light source and block ultraviolet rays to protect the furniture. Venetian blinds, organ curtains, pleated curtains, wooden curtains and specially treated fabric curtains are all good choices.

   Strong sunlight will damage the color and luster of the furniture surface, and the fabric is also easy to fade. Pay attention to choosing curtains that have been specially treated, they can make sunlight refract on them, and reduce the intensity of the light.

  North Window: Enjoy the natural light

   Choice: Venetian blinds, organ blinds, roller blinds, fabric curtains

   The light through the north-facing window is very uniform and bright, and it is one of the most emotional natural light sources.

   In order to fully retain this sentiment, venetian blinds, fabric vertical curtains and thinner light-transmitting organ curtains, roller blinds and fabric curtains with good light transmission are all better choices.