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How to choose curtains

Nov 29,2019 / Industry News / Author: admin

At present, the curtains on the curtain market can be described as colorful and colorful. When choosing the curtains, the homeowner should choose the matching curtains according to the style of the decoration to play the finishing touch. Such as milky white walls, with light red curtains can show gorgeous effects; such as light cream yellow walls, with brown curtains, it will look more warm and comfortable; if the children's room is light green walls, you can match Use green or light yellow curtains to add childlikeness. In addition, the choice of curtain colors should also pay attention to family characteristics. For example, the curtains in newly-married rooms should be bright and intense to increase the lively and happy atmosphere; the elderly room curtains should be quiet and peaceful to show a quiet and harmonious atmosphere. The colors of the bedroom and the living room should also be different. The former should be light and quiet, and the latter should be strong, giving a sense of solemnity. The choice of curtain color will also be different according to the change of seasons. It should be light in summer and dark in winter in order to change people's psychological "hot" and "cold" feeling. In addition, in the same room, it is best to choose curtains of the same color and pattern to maintain the overall beauty and prevent clutter.
1. Selection of texture Currently, the most popular curtain textures in the curtain market are cotton, polyester-cotton, linen, knitted polyester, and various blends. Due to the different materials, the price difference of curtains is also large, and the suitability of various decoration methods is also different. The specific characteristics are as follows:
(1) Polyester cotton curtains: The fabric is light and elegant, and the flowers are beautiful. If you use cold colors such as green and blue, you can increase the sense of elegance and comfort.
(2) Hemp curtains: flower-shaped convex and concave, strong three-dimensional sense, rich colors, thin and strong, drape, high grade.
(3) Knitted polyester warp yarn: mesh weaving flowers, bright patterns, strong three-dimensional sense, comfortable and refreshing.
(4) Flower crepe and velvet: The fabric is thick, the color is bright, the pattern has a three-dimensional sense, the price is moderate, and it looks elegant and solemn. In addition, the thickness of the curtains is different in their functions. Such as thin curtains, can turn strong sunlight into slender and soft, not only block the hot sun, but also keep the room bright and smooth; and heavy flower crepe and velvet curtains are better in preventing noise interference. At present, most families are accustomed to hanging a layer of curtains. Therefore, the choice of curtain texture should not be too thick or too thin, and curtains suitable for the four seasons should be selected to increase its practicality. The current common practice is a layer of gauze curtains and a layer of cloth curtains, which can be used according to different needs.
2. The choice of patterns and patterns The choice of patterns and patterns should be coordinated with the size of the windows of the room, the age of the occupants and the style of the interior furniture. If the windows are short, horizontal patterns and small patterns should not be used, otherwise the windows will appear shorter. Vertical patterns and patterns should be used to increase the "big" feeling; large patterns should not be used as curtains on small windows. Prevent windows from appearing small; the pattern of curtains should be straight to avoid diagonal lines, otherwise it will cause the illusion of window tilt. In addition, the vertical pattern can give a sense of stability. The bedroom furniture of newly-married couples is new in style, and they should also be matched with chic and beautiful curtains with flowers and patterns, so that the room is full of youthful feelings; while the bedroom furniture of the elderly is mostly Chinese style, you can choose a simple pattern, such as The curtains with folk pattern characteristics make the room atmosphere simple and elegant.
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