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How to dress up a charming bedroom with curtains

Dec 17,2021 / Industry News / Author: admin

Decorate the luxurious and stately living room, choose a kind of gauze curtain that is rich in feeling, show your nobleness and sentiment; decorate the children's bedroom, then choose a cartoon curtain that reflects the innocence and playfulness of children. People who like antique furniture may wish to choose a pleasing bamboo curtain to let your family exude an idyllic pastoral atmosphere and experience the elegance and refinement of the ancients.

In the choice of fancy patterns on fabric curtains, it is better to choose not to overdo it, that is, the patterns should not be too big or broken, and the colors should not be too fresh or bright. Some floral fabrics are pleasing to the eye on the counter, but they are not very beautiful when hung on the windows, making the room look very good. "Noisy". This is because the pattern has different visual effects on a local and large area. Therefore, when choosing fabric curtains, you have to stand farther and look at it while hanging them up. Some dazzling patterns are best discarded. Fabrics with hazy patterns and elegant lines and light colors are ideal. Even if it is a single color without flowers, as long as it feels soft and has a strong drape, it is best to choose curtains based on the color of the floor and furniture, and the combination of the three should be harmonious and pleasing to the eye. In addition to being practical, a good curtain design must be pleasing to the eye. Choose a piece of material and add a gorgeous scenery to your home!

   The curtain matching of modern minimalist decoration style and European classical style and modern minimalist style can be said to be the two major decoration styles of modern home furnishings. Especially young people who decorate their houses usually prefer simple decoration styles. For the focus of decoration, home curtains, lace, window curtains, tassels, and all are eliminated. For this style, Jianyi chooses more metallic, solid-color fabrics. Or curtains with geometric patterns. You can also choose to mix and match wood and fabric curtains. This makes the individuality more prominent.

   European classical style home decoration style, generally the hall is spacious with tall windows. In this way, the selected curtains should have more texture, such as elegant velvet, silk, and jacquard fabrics. You can choose hemp fabrics with better texture. The colors and patterns should be as gorgeous and calm as the furniture. Warm red, brown, and gold can all be considered. Some accessories are also used in this type of curtain. Such as highly decorative window curtains and delicate tassels. Both can play a finishing touch. The classical style embodies the beauty of generosity, atmosphere and magnificence.