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How to repair blinds

Aug 23,2021 / Industry News / Author: admin

(1) Replace the drawstring

If the blinds are clean or well maintained, and the old drawstrings are not broken, then there is no need to remove the blinds, just install a new drawstring. The following are the brief steps to replace the venetian blinds drawstring:

Step 1: Pull down the blinds and let the blades tilt horizontally. The end of the rope is fixed on the inner side of the lower rail. If the lower rail is made of wood, the knotted rope end is simply nailed to the end of the strap. If the lower rail is metal, then pull out the spring box cover of the lower rail and

Clip, you can see the knotted rope. Untie the knot on the opposite end of the drawstring and connect the end of the new rope to this end. Then use tape to glue the two ends tightly together.

Step 2: Pull the old rope lightly, and pull the new rope upwards through the blades on this side, over the top, and through the control pulley. Set aside extra rope for the new drawstring, and continue to pull the rope down so that it passes through the blade on the side of the drawstring.

Step 3: When the knotted end of the new rope reaches the lower rail, loosen the old rope, set it aside, and cut off the excess rope at the top. Knot the two ends of the new rope, and fix the new rope in the same way as the old rope. Replace the spring box of the lower rail

Cover, remove the belt clip on the old drawstring, and install it on the new rope. Use the belt clip to adjust the length of the rope until the blinds can work smoothly.

(2) Replace the slanted or upturned rope

A rope that can be pulled up freely on the blinds is indispensable. Sometimes, excessive use may cause the rope to tilt or tilt to one side, affecting the effect of the blinds. Please follow the instructions below to replace the inclined rope:

Step 1: Untie or cut off the knot at the end of the tilt control rope, and remove the handle. The inclination control rope simply passes over the pulley and passes through it, and is not connected to the draw rope. Pull out the old inclination control rope, and then pass one end of the new rope over the pulley and insert it into the pulley

, And come out from the other side.

Step 2: Slide the rope handle to the two ends of the rope, tie both ends to fix the handle.

(3) Clean blades and ladder belts

If you want to keep the blinds working smoothly and durable, cleaning the blades and replacing the ladder belt is an indispensable work.

Follow the steps below to clean the blades and replace the ladder belt:
Step 1: Remove the blinds, flatten them, and fully unfold them. According to the method described above, untie both ends of the rope, pull the rope out of the blinds, and place the belt clip aside.

Step 2: Remove the blades one by one and stack them together in an orderly manner. If they are dirty, soak them in detergent, then rinse and dry the sides of the leaves thoroughly.

Step 3: Pull out the hooks used to fix the ladder belt at the top of the blinds. On each side there is a hook responsible for hanging the ladder belt. Put the new ladder belt into the top box, and slide the hooks into the front and back of the ladder belt on both sides of the top box. Insert the blade into the gap between the ladder belts, making sure to face

correct. The end of the folding ladder belt is fixed in the lower rail under the last blade.

Step 4: Pass the draw rope through the blinds, start from the inclined draw rope side, go up, go over the top, pass through the control pulley, and hang down on the other side. The webbing or window ladder on the ladder belt serves to connect the belts on both sides of the front and back sides. Insert the new rope into the middle of the strap,

Make the ladder just on either side of the rope. At the control pulley, set aside a longer loop of rope for the new drawstring and let the rope pass through all the blades over there.

Step 5: Cut off the excess rope, tie the two ends of the rope, and fix it in the lower rail.

Step 6: As mentioned above, slide the belt clip onto the drawstring and install the new inclination control rope.

Before resuspending the blinds, check the mechanical device that controls the pulley to ensure that it can operate normally. If dirt or residual fibers are found inside the pulley, remove it and wipe the pulley clean with a soft cloth. Then, spray a little bit of lubricant inside the pulley

Slippery agent to keep them working smoothly.