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I'm not talking nonsense, choose curtains, just read this article-curtain buying guide

Jul 22,2020 / Industry News / Author: admin

On the cycling road, a reader sent an article to Uncle Gun, to the effect that there are many pits in the curtain industry. She said that after reading this article, she felt even more at a loss, for fear that she would be deceived. There are many such hot articles on the Internet, most of which are a routine, seemingly neutral and kind to remind the decorators, but in fact they are not very knowledgeable, either for the purpose of gaining attention, or having a little knowledge of the decoration industry, and most of them are exaggerated. Some self-media people are really disdainful. They can write everything in order to be popular, and artificially create all kinds of panic that is unnecessary, so that people who don't know the truth will be highly nervous from time to time and become scared. Decoration was originally intended to create a better life, just like life itself, defects and regrets are always inevitable, not a journey of horror in dire straits.

I remember that article started with many "traps" of curtains, saying that curtain dealers used various accessories to make high profits. In fact, only a few profiteers would be so cheating. Under normal circumstances, when curtain merchants give customers a price, they usually only count the price of the fabric plus the track. Even if the customer recommends lace, wall hooks, etc., the price will be quoted at the normal price after the customer agrees. As for straps and lead pendants , Hooks, basically free packages are given to customers, if these things are worn out, as long as the customers need them, most curtain merchants will give some for free. What Uncle Gun said is the norm in the curtain industry, not that there are pits everywhere in the decoration. Then, Uncle Gun will tell you about curtains, curtains and screens, curtain accessories, curtain processing, curtain buying skills, and curtain purchase channels. Try to be easy to understand and concise.
When buying curtains, merchants mention a lot of nouns. Many people are easily confused by these unfamiliar nouns. Misunderstandings are often caused by Zhang Guan and Li Dai. It is better to understand briefly.

Curtain fabrics are distinguished from the texture of raw materials. Common ones are pure cotton, linen, polyester, and silk, and many are made of a mixture of several raw materials; from the way of printing and dyeing curtain fabrics, they can be divided into printed fabrics, dyed fabrics, and colored fabrics. Weaving cloth, jacquard cloth, etc.; from the weaving process and function, it can be divided into silk curtain cloth, wool or linen curtain cloth, jacquard curtain cloth; reflective curtain. Nowadays, newly decorated people use polyester and acrylic curtains the most, and some businesses collectively call it "polyester" curtains, because polyester and acrylic are all polyester products. They are environmentally friendly, have good qualitative performance, and will not deform after multiple washings. Some people subconsciously think that chemicals are not reliable, so choose cotton and linen. Of course, silk is the best, as long as you can afford it. Someone must know the shortcomings when buying things. Well, polyester fabrics are slightly less breathable and hygroscopic than natural fabrics, and are easier to generate static electricity. However, today's textile industry is quite developed. Through the structure of artificial silk, these defects have become worse. The smaller it comes, of course, the smaller the defect, the more expensive it is. By the way, curtain fabrics made of polyester are free of formaldehyde. The formaldehyde in the fabric comes from adhesives, printing or coatings.