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Introduction of four kinds of curtain fabrics

Mar 03,2023 / Industry News / Author: admin

The curtain fabrics that can be seen on the market are basically polyester. This material is widely used in curtain fabrics because it is not easy to deform and wrinkle. Depending on the polyester content and the process is different. There are many kinds of curtain fabrics, mainly in four categories: high-precision, flannelette, cotton and linen, and chenille!

1. High-precision fabrics look mercerized, and many imitation silk fabrics are high-precision fabrics. If your home has a particularly luxurious feel, you may prefer this fabric.

2. The flannelette can be judged from the name, and its texture is very comfortable. It feels like cashmere, and it is generally based on solid colors, and there is no special texture. It is a simple kind of cloth, but the color selection is very rich, and the application range of this fabric is also very wide, basically not limited by the style.

3. Another fabric that is very similar to the texture of flannelette is chenille, which can weave many different textures. For the two materials of chenille and flannelette, you must choose fine short fleece when choosing. Do not choose plush. Otherwise, there will be down pile phenomenon. Curtains look dirty when hung.

4. Cotton and linen fabrics generally look more natural and rough, especially suitable for the current log style and new Chinese style, but it is not recommended to choose if there are cats at home, otherwise it will be a mess.

In the living room, I suggest that you only need a single layer of gauze curtains, and dream curtains are definitely the best choice. In fact, gauze curtains bring more decorative and emotional value to the living room.