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Know which shades and curtains work best with them

Aug 23,2021 / Industry News / Author: admin

Matching curtains with curtains can really increase the drama and sense of size in the room. However, only knowing how to combine these curtains is very difficult. You may be wondering, are my windows too small to be covered with curtains? Should I get shadows, transparency or blinds? Which colors, patterns and textures match well?

First, choose a shade
Always start by choosing the type of shade you want, because curtains are easier to replace. If your room is small, then you may want a shade that looks cleaner. If your room is larger, more vivid and vivid shadows may be better. Then consider the decoration of the room. If your walls have semi-bright colors, you can choose shades that will pop up contrasting colors. If you have a lot of patterns and patterns in your room, consider a simpler shading style.

Realize a sense of modernity with the help of cell shadows and drape
The combination of honeycomb shadows and overhanging curtains can bring a distinctive modern feel to the windows. (Not to mention that the shadow of the honeycomb will be known as an added benefit of energy efficiency.) Duette ® honeycomb shades, for example, have a wide range of sizes of folds, fabrics and colors. If you choose a light shade, try to complement it with dark drape curtains. Or, if your shade is firm, you can choose curtains with colorful patterns. Using the "top-down/bottom-up" option of the honeycomb shadow, you can open the shadow from top to bottom to allow natural light to enter from above.

Shades with blackout curtains: pure versatility
Pure shadows can diffuse natural light well and create a soft atmosphere in the room, while blackout curtains can provide you with all the privacy and darkness you need at night. For greater light control, the Silhouette® Window Shade can be paired with independently operated chamber dim pads on the same crossbar. The best thing about the sheer shades is that they are made of a variety of luxurious fabrics, which contrast sharply with the heavier, dramatic curtains.

Roman shadows and drapes add elegance and depth
There are many styles of Roman blinds to choose from. Vignetting Timeless Fabrics® Modern Roman Blinds, for example, are available in a series of styles, and folded, when combined with curtains to increase depth and interest size. And, if there happens to be any gaps around your shadows, then draped curtains can help you get complete darkness while creating a delicate layered look.

If you have small windows, this is a trick-install the curtains and curtains together a few inches above the window frame and a few inches below the ceiling. The stack of Roman blinds will neatly cover the space between the front railing and the windows. Extend the overhanging curtain below the bottom frame to make the window look bigger.

Woven wood shades match the curtains naturally
Made from natural wood, bamboo and grass, the woven wood shades like Origin® woven wood sunglasses adopt an organic texture appearance while allowing light to diffuse into the interior. Adding curtains with eye-catching colors and designs can truly complement the natural elements of shadows and provide you with complete privacy when needed. If you have wooden blinds or blinds, neutral drape curtains can also soften the look of the wood and accentuate the thick hardwood slats.

No matter which style of shade and decoration you choose, pairing them can enhance any decoration from modern to rustic to traditional.

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