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Little knowledge of curtains

Aug 04,2020 / Industry News / Author: admin

The advantage of using Roman rods is that curtain boxes are no longer needed, and it is easier to remove the curtains. Some people think that Roman rods have a higher appearance. The Roman pole was not invented by the Romans, but it is said that its end caps are a bit like Roman architectural caps. Roman rods usually have wood, aluminum alloy pipes, steel pipe rods and so on. If the hanging curtain is thick and heavy, and the Roman rod is too long, it may become curved. For Roman poles longer than 3 meters, additional brackets need to be installed to avoid bending and breaking.

There are more and more people using electric curtains, especially villas and mansions. It is also annoying to think about it: opening and closing the curtains one by one with so many windows is annoying, so electric curtains came into being. Simply put, it is to install a motor on the ordinary curtain, one for a single track, and two for a double track; you can also install a double-layer motor, which is slightly larger. The power of the motor mainly depends on the thickness of the curtain. The most common motors are AC, but also lithium batteries, and even solar motors. If you find it troublesome to replace the lithium battery, don't forget to install a socket at the end of the curtain track. Solar motors are the best, but you have to use them manually when there is no sun. Curtain motors are generally several hundred yuan each, and lithium batteries are more expensive. There are three ways to open the electric curtain: with a hand, it will automatically open or close; use the remote control; use the mobile phone to intelligently control the opening.

Some readers asked me, is the lead sinker environmentally friendly? This reader has a strong environmental awareness. Today's lead sinkers are not made of metallic lead, but ceramics. If the curtain itself has a sense of drape, there is no need to do so. There are different weights of lead sinkers, not that heavier the better.