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Living room curtain

Nov 22,2019 / Industry News / Author: admin

The choice of style must first be based on different decorative styles, choose the appropriate style, color and pattern. In terms of color, the dark curtains are very generous; the light fabrics with light tones and strong light transmission are good, which can create a solemn and simple, generous and bright visual effect. The color of the living room curtains is best selected from the sofa pattern. For example, white Italian sofas are often decorated with pink and green patterns, and curtains may use pink or green fabrics to echo each other. If the interior is soft and the curtains are more decorative, you can use strong contrasts, such as hanging blue-violet curtains on the walls of the goose yellow. Conversely, if there are bright landscapes in the living room, or other colors The decorations, furniture, etc., the curtains are best and elegant. A viewing window with a large area of ​​glass is suitable for roman shades. Roman blinds have two major advantages: one is to use less cloth, and the other is that the curtains are stacked when stacked, which is full of three-dimensional and space-saving. The use of Roman blind stitching works well, with a modern or continental style, very harmonious.
Curtain fabric can be selected with screens. It can protect the main layer from the sun and condensation, and increase the applicability of the season, enriching the level and decoration of the curtains. If you use a single layer of thin cloth or thick yarn, you can express the simplicity and softness. If you want to create a romantic atmosphere indoors, you can use a light or semi-transparent organ curtain; to let the beautiful view through the window, silky roller blinds are a good choice.
The curtains in the living room should be lighter in color, mainly white, with white lace; or green curtain fabric, the pattern should have a flower, so that there is a three-dimensional effect, and it is better to add a layer of yarn behind the curtain fabric. The curtain rails are made of white Roman rods. If you are afraid of the sun, add a sunshade film at the back of the curtain fabric to block the intrusion of ultraviolet rays 99.9%, thus protecting the family and furniture and the floor from the sun.